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I have to be totally honest...

I resort to buying almost EVERYTHING on Amazon!  There are times when it can be a little more expensive but the fact that it will be at our front door in two days is typically enough to win me over.  That extra dollar is worth every penny if I don't have to get my kids out of the car to run in and grab toilet paper! #butreally

I have really enjoyed seeing what other people have Primed so thought I'd give you a peak at what has been in my Amazon cart the last several months.  Please keep in mind this has been over the last several months....or Gavin may call for an intervention! 

You are going to see a small, orange letter H in a lot of my screen shots.  I use a Chrome Extension called Honey.  It searches the web for coupon codes and applies them for you.  It saves me lots of money!!  You should definitely get it also!

And here we go---A whole lot of randomness!  If you're interested, you can click on the blue link below each product to check them out for yourself!

I quickly snagged this a couple of days before we left for Kansas City for my cousin's wedding knowing that my dress was going to need some love after traveling in the car.  While USPS claimed they couldn't deliver it the day before we left, I'm happy to say someone else had the exact same one in KC and it worked PERFECTLY! 

I have gone to flexible seating in my classroom and also got rid of my "teacher" desk at the end of last school year.  I hated how bulky it was and how much room it took up.  I have gone this whole school year without one but have felt for the last couple of months that I needed a little more organization in my little corner--a home for some things.  Sooo I naturally turned to Amazon and found this desk that will fit perfectly where I wanted it to fit.  I asked our maintenance man first if there was anything laying around but he didn't have anything fitting my criteria.  Lol!

I love having this around as I cover the table with it for the kids to color on or even just roll it out on the floor to protect it from as mess.  I actually just ordered a new roll and wrapped our dining room table with it for our Murder Mystery party that was picnic themed.  If you missed that post, click, HERE!

I needed a new stash of plastic silverware before our party as well and found this set.  It did the job!

I added these to my cart as I was murder mystery party planning and they were a nice touch.  I still have a ton left for another party sometime this summer!

I used these for our cups the night of the party.  I bought chalkboard stickers from Walmart and wrote everyone's character name on one and quickly stuck them to each jar.

This table runner looked perfect the night of the party and worked great on top of the craft paper.  It is light and decently long.

During the week of our state testing, we took a break from our normal writing curriculum and did a fun writing prompt with this book.  They summarized the book and then got to create Norman with either a donut or a pair of underwear for a shell.  I now have 22 slugs with either a donut or underwear hanging outside of my classroom door.  They're quite the conversation starters.

I don't blow dry my hair often but after reading lots of raving reviews about this straightening brush, I fell victim and bought one too.  I do like using it when I dry my hair and it completely eliminates the need to straighten my hair after I'm done blow drying it.  It's a one stop shop!

Several of my students were competing in the Battle of the Books competition for the last several months.  Towards the end of the competition, they were struggling to get the books they needed as other students had already checked them out.  They were hoping to take them on their Spring Break trips or just home for Spring Break.  Nothing Amazon couldn't solve!

My students have learned fairly quickly that if there is a book they want, I will get it for them!  Whether it is through my Scholastic Book Club points or a quick Amazon search, I am very willing to get it for them if they can't find it in the library.

I bought this little play dough kit before we left on our trip to LA.  We stuck it in Treyton's carry-on backpack and they were able to play with the little toys and play dough both on the plane and in our AirBnB.

I was needing a lense for my camera that would work better in our house.  My 50mm one was often to "zoomed out" for what I was needed, but I needed something that would let in enough light for using it indoors.  This has been great! (Although I still use my phone more since it is typically easier to grab quickly.)

These, friends, are a GAME CHANGER in the packing world!  If you get anything off of this list--this should be it! We were able to keep everything sooo organized and were able to fit SO MUCH more into our suitcases on our trips to LA and Kansas City.  For our LA trip, I actually put a set of clothes for the 5 of us in one cube and then we just had a cube for each day of the trip.  I would just pull out a cube and everyone had a change of clothes.   I was able to split them up between our two suitcases really easily also.  In the case that one of our suitcases got lost, we would still have had clothes!  We have two sets and that was plenty for what we needed! I totally recommend these!

These were also for our plane ride.  Both the girls and Treyton enjoyed playing with them in the airport and on the plane.  They can simply twist them together or Treyton had fun building letters and spelling everyone's name.

I grabbed each kiddo a pair of these in case we needed to resort to the iPad on the plane.  They are relatively cheap but decent quality.  

I snagged these lacing cards also for our carry ons.  Treyton was able to lace the cards and we even practiced tying a bit in our down time in the airport.  We have continued to keep these in the diaper bag as they work perfectly when we need a quiet activity!

And that's all I've got for today! Have a great day!!

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