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Happy Wednesday!!

I am linking up today for Let's Look---What's Your Favorite #OOTD with Shay and Erika! That's outfit of the day for anyone that hasn't caught onto that lingo yet.....to be honest, I had to Google it only a couple of months ago.  
We just got back some of our family pictures and while a particular 3 year old didn't cooperate very well, I did love our outfits so I thought I'd share those!  We actually did these pictures with Gavin's family so we coordinated pretty well with the big group.

We ended up planning the session pretty short notice so I felt a little limited on what I could find.  I turned to Old Navy thought and felt happy with what I was seeing.  I had found everything online at Old Navy but since the girls are in between sizes right now, I wanted to got to the store to actually see them.  When I got there, they didn't have anything I had originally picked out and our store has about zero toddler clothes so I had to dig.  I was also the crazy person laying everything out on the floor making sure I liked it together and sending pictures to my sister in laws to get their thoughts.
Treyton was also recovering from pneumonia so I feel like he looks a tad pale.  He was also uncooperative.  At one point, the 16 of us were lined up for a group shot and he was sitting four feet away in the grass.......  #why

I wore a simple gray dress.  You can't see it very well here but it is super comfy, and it will be a staple as my classroom warms up.  I wore my Toms Wedges that I adore.

Gavin wore the same jeans he has worn in every set of family pictures we've ever taken. ;-)  I also picked him up a navy button up that had "polka dots all over it".  He looked wonderful although I'm not sure he will choose to wear it often.
This was about as good as we got with the three of them.  It was also super windy and did a number on their fine hair.

Taylor had a super cute chambray dress on and brown sandals.
Trynlee has my favorite piece on--a striped romper.  I wish I could find one in my size.  She had the same brown sandals as Tay.
Treyton wore shorts from Target.  They're the Cat and Jack brand.  His shirt is old but I'm fairly certain it is from Carters, and his shoes are Toms.

I wasn't able to find either of the girls' outfits online any longer unfortunately!

I love when outfits pull together like this.  I may have to take them back out and see if I can get some smiles for Christmas cards.

If you'd like to blog next month, here is the topic! 

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