Taylor and Trynlee: 18 Months

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18 Months!
I know that it is super cliche to say that time has flown.....but it has!  I can still remember how scary their first couple of days were, how painfully slow our time in the NICU was, and that first day at home.  But as I spent some time today falling through a rabbit hole looking at pictures of them, I can truly say that so much of it is a blur!  It makes me kind of sad, as my babies are now toddlers, but so happy to watch them grow into lively, funny, happy little people.
Taylor continues to be an inch or so taller and a pound or so heavier.  Trynlee is just a petite little thing, although everyone would guess the opposite.
They are FUNNNYYY!!!  They both giggle and are starting to know when they are being funny.  They also are starting to throw fits.  Trynlee likes to throw herself on the floor and Taylor is beginning to throw things when she gets mad. I have a feeling that this next year is going to be loads of fun...in more ways than one. :-)

12-18 month stuff depending on the brand.  Typically small pants than tops.
Anything and everything!  They both love fruit, but Trynlee especially loves meat.

We certainly can't complain.  They both sleep religiously through the night and take 1-2 decent naps throughout the day. 
Taylor sleeps with her blankey and a paci.  (I need to just take it away but I'm a tad selfish with my own sleep.)
Trynlee has recently started wanting a blankey as well and also likes to take a sippy of water with her to bed.

Still rocking Size 3
SHOES--like obsessed!
Carrying clothes around and trying to put them on
Ball pit
High chairs (buckling)
Baby stroller
Push toys outside
Easter eggs
Being in the sandbox outside
Stroller rides
Stealing toys from each other and "running"
Trynlee got her first haircut on Easter weekend to try and shape up her mullet a little bit.  I'm happy to report that it looks a tad better!  Phew!
Taylor's hair is getting really long in the front and has to be in a pony or it is in her eyes.  She also has some curls in the back by her neck, which I have no idea where they have come from.
Taylor: no, mama, Daddy, Mya, puppy, ball, shoes, eyes, blankby (blankey), more, paci, seat, and will mimic just about anything.
Trynlee: no, Mya, mama, daaa, eyes, shoes, noes, seat, drink, Tay Tay, and likes to yell/grunt more than anything.

We love you baby girls and are so so blessed to get to be your parents!

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