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This will be rather short and sweet!  Not because we didn't have a busy weekend, but because it involved a sick kid and a farming husband.  Therefore, I apparently didn't take many pictures!
Poor buddy wanted to be outside soo badly but his eyes couldn't lie that he didn't feel well.
I am SOOOO over this winter/spring weather swings and the sickness that has come with it.  I got the text from daycare around 1 on Friday letting me know that Treyton had a 102 degree fever and couldn't stop coughing.   Because he had pneumonia only three weeks ago, I called our pediatrician and they had us come in to check it out.  A finger prick and chest x-ray later, they think he has a virus.  (Which must be true, because several others at daycare also have it, including Trnylee.) We did take advantage of the nice weather that evening though.
Saturday morning included a bridal shower in town and Gavin heading to the farm bright and early.  Since it hasn't stopped raining and with rain in the forecast, they're starting to feel the pinch.  My mom came to watch our kiddos due to having a sick one, and taking all three of them to a bridal shower on my own sounds kind of painful. #nopictures

Treyton ended up going with my mom to the farm so he could ride in the tractor a bit.  The girls and I may have snagged a nap and then headed to a Cinco Day Mayo get together.  It was bizarre to only have the girls with me, although I still don't feel like I ever got to sit down.  Treyton wanted to go to bed at my parents and then come home with Gavin, but him and my mom showed up back at home around 9:00 because he wanted his mom. #mamasboy #onlywhenhessick  
Gavin rolled into the garage shortly after 1 and was back out the door around 7 Sunday morning.  Due to a returning fever, my mom came back and kept our kids, (Seriously, can't explain how blessed we are!) so that I could make it to our nephew's baptism.
Sunday afternoon called for lonnngg naps from all of our kiddos and then the rain came which brought Gavin home from the farm.  We grilled up some steaks and called it quits super early!
I'll be back tomorrow with a "Let's Talk" post!  Have a great Tuesday!
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