Treyton is F O U R

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August 10, 2019!

Treyton turned F O U R! 

And I think he told everyone he came within yelling distance of!  He was just so super excited!

I know it is super cliche to say---but HOW? How is my baby 4?  I feel like the night I went into labor with him was yesterday and can remember just about every detail from the day that he was born.  
All 6lb 10oz of him!

But now he is asking how our septic system works, wants to walk to the shop by himself, would love to work for his dad, and is riding his bike completely on his own.  

He spent the day before his actual birthday having a party at daycare.  They once again knocked it out of the park and made all of his digger-loving-dreams come true.

We kept the adrenaline high going strong and had his family birthday party that night.  I'm not sure who slipped him a caffeine IV drip throughout the day, but holy cow!

When Jamison and Payton lived with us, they had a waffle maker that we used regularly, and since they moved out, Treyton frequently asked why we couldn't make waffles.  A waffle maker made for the perfect, and practical, 4th birthday present.  The present wouldn't be complete without a bag of chocolate chips! 

We started his birthday off strong with chocolate chip waffles!

And matching outfits with dad.  All of his dreams came true when Gavin asked him to help pour concrete ON HIS BIRTHDAY!  I mean, doesn't that sound like fun?

I got a picture later in the day of three generations of matching Steege men.

Food--Chocolate Chip waffles, meat...not potatoes or vegetables
Show--Paw Patrol
Clothing--Steege Construction shirts and work shorts
Activity--Playing in the sandbox and jumping in the river

Oh Treyton Lee!  We love you to the moon and back and are so proud of all of the new things you are learning.  We hope that you continue to be as inquisitive and persistent as you currently are, because while it currently drives us a bit crazy, we know it will take you far in life! 

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