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In one moment it seems like 2020 is stuck in March and the next moment it seems like it has been the longest year ever!  It is hard to believe that it is already the middle of December and Christmas is going to be here and gone before we know it.  I feel like we are reaching the "sweet spot" with our kids and Christmas.  They are excited about the little things, like to "help" decorate and wrap presents, and are beginning to understand why we celebrate Christmas.
I started a series a year or so ago called "Come On In" and in todays edition, come take a look at our Christmas decorations.  I don't feel like I go all out.  I add some "winter" here and there and then our living rooms upstairs and downstairs have a tree.  We typically get a real tree also for our entry way and decorate it with our personalized ornaments but it just didn't happen this year.  Maybe this afternoon???  Without further ado, here we go!!

This tree is in our basement and is BRIGHT!  I let the kids do this one almost all on their own and there are a lot of balls clumped together, towards the bottom, and typically laying on the floor.  Taylor especially likes to move them around on the daily.  This is also the only Christmas decoration in our basement. :-)

We spend most of our time upstairs and I love that it feels cozy.  Our dining room table is long and takes a bit to make it feel put together.  This is what I have landed on this year for now.  Seems like these things get moved around regularly as well by my little people.  I also swore I would get the sign hung level this year and that clearly hasn't happened! Ha!!

Click on any of the links to shop the piece! 
Fa La La La La Sign--MAJOR sale right now!
Hanging planters and greenery are from a local boutique

All of the small trees were from the Target Dollar spot..not for a dollar.  I just snag some every time I see them.  :-). The jar is from a local boutique in town as well and it always seems to fit on a shelf somewhere!

These while glass ornaments are my favorite but probably not the most ideal with little kids.  Several shatter each year and soon we won't have many left.  They were handmade and I bought them when the girls were in the NICU.  I met the girl that made them outside of the hospital to pay her and grab them.  I then got to show them off the the nurses who watched me spend a lot of money to decorate our house for Christmas as I sat in their room all day every day for a month.

Just wanted to show you how my ornaments get moved around and hung in clusters! :-) I try really hard not to stress about this...but it kind of drives me crazy! Lol!

RED KRATE PAPER--warning: it's alot! :-)

Our stockings are probably my favorite part of all of our Christmas decor.  I feel like they symbolize so much.  I grew up wanting to be a mom and have lots of kids.  Some days I just look at them and can't believe this is mine.  There were times in our infertility journey though that I wasn't sure what our family was going to look like, so it just makes it that much sweeter.  If you are going though infertility right now and Christmas is hard, please know I am praying for you!

I have mentioned these a ton of times but all of those picture books are from Chatbooks and my kids LOVE them!!

I am in the works of redecorating this bathroom so am looking to replace the shower curtain!  I made two sets of these shelves.  I got all of the supplies at our local True Value, stained the boards, and had Gavin screw them to the wall.  They were really easy!  Our toilet paper snow man is still hanging strong in the bathroom too, thanks to our elf!

My mom has given me pieces of my nativity scene for several years and I LOVE it so much!  

This sits in the corner of our kitchen and I love it!  I currently have Christmas smelling oils in the diffuser and it makes me so happy.  On a side note, I can't recommend this Amazon Show enough.  Not only do we ask Alexa 8 million questions a day, have her play us music, watch Blippi during breakfast sometimes, but the biggest thing I love about it, is that my kids can call people from it.  We don't have a land line and my kids aren't old enough for cell phones, but it has always terrified me that if something were to happen to me, they wouldn't be able to contact anyone.  We have taught them how to call all of their Grandmas and 911 if needed.  Gives me a little piece of mind!

STOCKING GARLAND (Ours was from Land of Nod but this one is similar)

Our elf brought this tree the other day and the girls have really loved decorating it over and over and over!  I couldn't recommend this enough for the little people in your home!  I feel like it would be a great gift as well!

And nothing makes it feel more like Christmas than a little snow on the ground!  Have a great weekend!

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