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I have very mixed feelings on "Christmas" our Elf on the Shelf!  Hah!  Some days I feel very excited to do something exciting with him and other days I forget about the little fella until I hear my alarm the next morning and do a mad dash to get him moved.

With everything that 2020 has thrown at us, I feel the need to keep the excitement alive for our kids, especially if family gatherings get cancelled.

First and foremost, we make sure to keep Christmas centered around Jesus and the real reason for the season.  We are always talking about why we celebrate Christmas, how fortunate we are, and practice "paying it forward" throughout the month of December.

However, we still have Santa and our sneaky little elf to have some fun.  I have never felt that this takes away from the meaning of Christmas but will never ever judge anyone for how they handle this whole situation.  As a teacher, though, I do have some strong feelings on Santa!  Gavin and I make sure that the "big gifts" come from us and not from Santa.  I don't ever want our kids going to school talking about what Santa brought them and other kids questioning why they didn't get something like that.  When our kids do figure out the reality of Santa, we will make sure that they aren't ruining it for others.  I taught 3rd and 4th grades, which happens to be when kids really start figuring Santa out.  All of that being said, heres how "Christmas" plans to show up around our house this year!  

Last year, we spent most of December in the hospital with our girls, so aunts, uncles, and grandparents were just moving the little guy around to random spots to keep the magic alive.

On December 1st, Christmas makes his grand appearance and sets up a North Pole breakfast.  Breakfast has included snow donuts with Christmas Decor. He also brings matching pajamas for our kiddos, along with Advent calendars.

2019 Elf North Pole Breakfast!

Here are the links to the Advent calendars he brought last year!

2020 North Pole Breakfast
Christmas' decor depends heavily on Walmarts dollar section in the holiday aisle! ;-).  Our Disney Advent calendar is a fun one this year!!

You can find an elf HERE!
When did he get sooo big??? Their jammies are from Old Navy!

Our kids' selection of pajamas the night before was clearly very interesting! 

He seriously is the HAPPIEST baby!

I love this little tradition and hope even when they figure it out, they will be excited for our North Pole breakfast!

This year, he only brought one calendar because I let him know I didn't want 100 little trinkets floating around my house.  I am on the hunt for a Bible Story one if you know of one.

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As for the rest of the month, here is what I am shooting for!  There will certainly be days that he just hides due to forgetting about him!
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