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Just a little photo dump from February 2020!  

It's still crazy to think back to what normal life used to be like and I pray that we are getting closer to getting back to that.  Back to my kids not feeling anxious being around their own family members, back to when it was normal to SEE peoples' faces, and when we all didn't second guess every decision we made!  

If you have missed my last couple of flashback posts, I am attempting to get my blog caught up from taking a lot of the year off.  I use this a my kids baby books so I am trying to keep things in order for that reason.  It is fun to look back at these pictures too and see just how much my kids have grown in 10 months.  

Oh how I wish he would take naps again!  He does do "rest time" every day but some days he is better at it than others.  He was such a GREAT napper until quarantine hit at 4.5.  It will say, bedtime became much easier!

B is for Brooklyn!  Working on those fine motor skills and coloring neatly.  He was and continues to be SUPER competitive so completing tasks neatly is something he is always going to have to work on.

Baby #4 growing nicely!  So crazy to know who that little babe was!  I absolutely loved not knowing the gender of our babes.

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.  They were getting pulled behind the ranger on a sled and Tman fell off.  Our snow was a little icy which left this dude with a scraped up face and bit of a bruised nose.  

The highlight of my day was getting pictures from daycare.  That "CHEESE" smile hasn't changed and every time I see it, I can hear her growly little voice.  She is pushing a stroller around with a baby as I type this!

We have a very strict "no kids in our bed" rule that gets ignored when we are overly tired! Ha!!

We were clearly eating very healthy this night.  A McDonald's happy meal with a side of raspberries.  That's what I like to call balance!

My mom sent me this picture one day when they were hanging out at my parents.  Treyton has a Paw Patrol bed there and they were clearly taking a really good nap. Lol!

GAH!  If this isn't the cutest thing you have ever seen!  Keri and Kenzie (daycare) always do photo booths for every holiday and I could always count on super cute pictures.

I will make them cheesy holiday shirts for as long as they will wear them!

Celebrating his 4 1/2 birthday at school!  This was such a huge deal that he got to take treats and have his summer birthday celebrated.  He wore that crown around for several days!

This hill will be the bane of my existence every time it snows the next several years!  It makes for a great sledding hill, but do you think toddlers can walk back up it in snow pants that they can barely move in?! 

When I say our sandbox is one of the best things we ever did at our house, I mean it!  Our kids play in it year round.  When we poured our back patio, we just didn't pour any concrete in one area/square and filled it with sand.  It is under our deck so its shaded almost all day during the summer and because it is below the concrete level, we just sweep all of the sand back in it.

"CHEEEESSSEEEE" :-). Apparently the snow is just as fun to play with in it also.

The sand doesn't seem to freeze real solid right there for most of the winter as well so if they can get through the snow, they are able to still dig in the sand.

Just one more trip pulling the sled up the hill!

These were Treyton's Valentine's for his classmates and his daycare friends!  Andrea at Momfessionals has tons of free printables and ideas for what to put in the bags.  I was able to find something that matched all three of their personalities and we stayed away from candy.   And yes, our kids eat plenty of candy!  I just always feel like if there is something I can do to not overload them with it--win, win!

Treyton was given "homework" from school to cut out his classmates' pictures out.  I remember this being a bit like pulling teeth but something that we powered through and got it done.  There were several lessons on doing things neatly!

We're big on birthday banners around here and the kids always get involved with coloring them!  This just happened to be Aunt Emmy's!  Does anyone else have a counter kid?!  Taylor would prefer to be on top of a table or counter at just about every minute of the day!

And there it is...February 2020!!  Have a fantastic day!

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