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If I could go back to January 2020 and give myself a little heads up for what was to come, I'm not even sure what I would say to be honest.  Travel? Stock up on toilet paper? Hang out with everyone possible?

December was a REALLY rough month for us so we were ready for 2020 to bring us some good health and less exciting days!  And for the most part, January was great!  I made a huge leap of faith and resigned from my dream job to be home with my kids.  While teaching and serving children is what I feel called to do,  a much bigger part of me felt (and still feels) pulled home with my kids.  I was feeling spread really thin and was hating the feeling of not being able to give my best to any title I held.

As we rushed down to the Children's Hospital after putting Trynlee in the helicopter, I looked at Gavin and told him I needed to be home with our kids.  In that moment, my heart knew where I needed to be.  In true Gavin fashion, a much more calm and collected person, he told me we could revisit it when our emotions weren't out of control.  After a ton of praying, discussing, and stressing about it, I made the decision to step back until our kids are in school, and it has been such a good path for me.  Don't get me wrong, there are days that Gavin walks in the door, and I am needing a break.  But getting to be home has been wonderful!  Covid has thrown a lot of wrenches into my adventure-loving plans, but quality time is my love language--so I'm feeling real loved!!

Oh Max!  I can't quite believe how little you were!  His first hair cut!

The girls' big girl beds came and we got everything set up!  Their bedding is from Pottery Barn and their furniture is from Nebraska Furniture Mart!

A decent snowfall meant some family shoveling!

Treyton started gymnastics and got to go about 6 times before our world shut down!  He loved it and it was really good for him to work on being brave!

Lots of fun games a Gavin's family Christmas!  

We got to see Baby #4 and had our doctor put the gender in an envelope.  At that point, we hadn't agreed on whether or not we wanted to know.  (We NEVER did open it!)  

This dude could live outside all year round if there is something for him to shovel!

Oh Taylor Marie!

Taking a part one of our cribs was a family affair!

More snow meant more shoveling!  I am positive that it took us longer to get everyone dressed than these two stayed outside! 

In his happy place!

Their sticker obsession clearly started in January and never died down!

Once upon a time, Gavin got to go on several snowmobiling trips a year!  This mountain sled hasn't actually seen the mountains for several years, but our kids sure love to take rides around our yard!

Those blue eyes!

Their first real experience with a dress with POCKETS and I am pretty sure they walked around with their hands in them all day long!

This month's flashback was so much less exciting and so much less stressful!  It is hard to really even imagine what life was like almost a year ago....pre-Covid, one less child, a much smaller dog, and working full time!  

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