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I am excited to share some of my favorite gift finds from last year and this year in case you are still looking for anything!  I got hooked on The Home Edit on Netflix at some point during our quarantine which led me to organizing just about every nook and cranny of our house.  My biggest successes of all of this were our pantry and our kids' toys!  Their toys were in about 18 different locations in our house, none of the same toy were located together so I felt like they dumped them and then never played with them.  Insert Home Edit and they are now sorted into tubs and my kids are only allowed to get two tubs out at a time.  You're asking what this has to do with Friday Favorites?  Well, it has really solidified which toys my kids play with and really like because the same tubs are out routinely.


These bad boys are played with almost every single day in our house. We have several sets, both name brand and not, and they are played with so much that I know my kids are getting more of them this Christmas.  Now that our big three all love building, they are constantly fighting over pieces.  

Click on any of the links below to grab these pieces!  Anything in all caps below a picture or the title of each item is a link.  For some reason, not all of them are pink and I am still attempting to troubleshoot that!
(Same concept but off-brand and much cheaper.  They do work together but in our experience these magnets are a bit weaker.)

Another tub that frequently makes it way upstairs is Duplos.  I do like that they are safe to be on the floor and even Trigg enjoys playing with them.  We have built some pretty serious castles, trains, and towers.  We also have several sets of these.  Our favorites are just the basic kit and the number train!

Our kids are clearly very into building currently.  There are definite pros and cons.  The biggest pro is that their imaginations are always at work.  They are always using their fine motor skills.  The biggest con is the 492309 little pieces that we are constantly picking up.  When they only have two tubs upstairs, it isn't a big deal at all.  When other tubs sneak their way up, we all of the sudden have 8 million toys on our living room floor and it looks like a bomb went off.  The girls got this classic set for their birthday and it has been a huge hit!

For any of you Apple watch lovers like myself, I love being able to switch out my watch bands every once in a while.  I am not the person that switched them out to match my outfit, but I do have a pack of colored ones and may or may not be getting some new ones in my stocking.  

Sleep sacks have been a must in our house with all of our kids because Gavin and I can't stand being hot at night.  We recently got a new Kyte sleep sack and I am in LOVE with it!  It legit feels like the softest sleeping bag and every night that I zip him in to it, I question whether or not I could find myself one.  He seems to really like it too.  It would be a great gift to any new babe!
(We use the 2.5 tog due to the temperature of our house.)

I cannot get enough of the photo books that we have ordered for our kids!  Chatbooks is an app that you can download to your phone and then upload all of the pictures you'd like from your phone and actually get them printed in a book.  It is super easy!!  You can link your social media accounts or just select them from any photo source that you use.  I use Google Photo!  Each of our kids have "series" so every time that I get 60 pictures uploaded for them, Chatbooks prints a book and ships it to us!  You can do standard photo books and put up to 360 photos into them before they print as well.  I do one of these for Gavin and I for each year since I plan to give our kids their books some day.  They legit look at these books EVERY SINGLE DAY!
Use code K_STEEGE-THX7 to get $10 off!

I hope that your Christmas shopping is going well and that this season is bringing you joy in our crazy world!  Remember that the small things often bring just as much (if not more) joy to our kids! 

**This post contains affiliate links!  Whenever you buy something through these links, I earn a small commission.  Thank you for supporting my blog!**

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  1. I need to watch the home edit. I could use some organization ideas! My boys got magnatiles last year and love them. Such great ideas! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  2. I have been meaning to look into Chapbooks. I really should. Look at your little guy looking through the photos. :)

  3. They LOVE them! They are each getting 4 new books for Christmas and I am guessing they will be them most "paid attention" to gift they get.

  4. I would love to see how you organized all the toys. That is my biggest problem that toys are scattered everywhere and things do not get played with.


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