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I figured since it has been a while since I have been on here regularly, it's probably a good time to (re)introduce myself!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet--where I share snippets of our lives and really don't know what I'm doing. :-). Here goes nothing!

I'm Kylie!  I married to my hunk of a husband, Gavin, and mom to four littles.  We got married in 2014 in front of 600 of our family and friends!  Typing that out six years later sounds absolutely crazy.  

In 2015, we had our first son, Treyton, and he is 100% boy--construction and farming are jam.  Taylor and Trynlee came along in 2017 and were born 9 weeks premature.  They came into this world with spunk and it has certainly stuck with them.  We had three under three years old and I am fairly sure we survived solely on caffeine for about 6 months.  And because we didn't think we had our hands full enough, we tried for #4 and Trigg was born in May of 2020 and is the happiest little dude.

Infertility, IVF, miscarriage, and God's greatest blessings make up a lot of our first 6 years of marriage!

I previously taught a range of elementary grades for 8 years and this is my first year being a stay at home mom.  I had grand plans for us to take lots of adventures now that I'm home, but Covid-19 really put a damper on that.  Instead, we do preschool activities, bake, play outside in our back yard, and meet up at parks to play with friends. 

In the mix of having kids, we added two giant Bernedoodles to our clan.  Mya and Max love us big and also like to drag everything from our garage outside.  Mya weighs in at 70lbs and Max is part horse at 125lbs.

When I'm not solely focused on keeping the little people alive and happy in my house, I love to focus on my health and fitness and help other ladies do the same.  I love to share my Netflix of workouts, healthy recipes, and provide some motivation and accountability.  You can find me at the river in the summer hanging out with our friends that are more like family or buried at the bottom of a mountain of clean laundry!

Want some really random facts?! Ha!  My favorite season is definitely summer, although there is something about fall in the midwest.  Hawkeye football consumes our Saturdays and we love to host a good tailgate.  I enjoy hunting with my family, and while I grew up in a wrestling family, my husband's family is 100% dedicated to basketball.  And lastly, I grew up on a farm, showing beef cattle, and love that my kids get to live on an acreage and live near our parents that have animals.

That's me--in a nut shell--and I can't wait to get back into the routine of sharing more in this space again!

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  1. Loved reading more about you. Sounds like we have a lot in common... I am a former elementary teacher, turned SAHM mom of 4, love health and fitness and do the BOD workouts too, both my husband and I were born in raised in the midwest... WI... and just moved from their to where we are now 8 years ago. :)

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