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My brother's, now fiance, Emmy, was crowned Miss World America, earlier in 2019 which led to her getting to compete for the international title in London.

Because I really don't have any interest in traveling the world, I figured this was a trip of a lifetime and texted Gavin asking if I could go and booked tickets hours later.  I'm a planner so I must have been feeling really adventurous that day!

6 days away from my kids, while being 17 weeks pregnant, seemed undoable, but with an awesome husband, daycare providers, and inlaws--we made it work!

At the airport, ready to head to London!

We were true tourists almost every day we were there.  We learned how to use the train right away and off we went!  We visited parliament, walked around in the cold and raid every day, saw lots of cool, old buildings, and nervously awaited the competition.  Emmy was with all of the other competitors for most of our trip and then got to join us after the pageant was over.

And then we finally got to see Emmy compete for the Miss World title!  She was called for Top 40 out of 120!

The day after her competition, Kolton had something exciting up his sleeve!

I carried her ring around all that morning and was so excited when it was on her finger and no longer my responsibility!  I'm even more excited to have a sister!

Everything was going great until our girls started getting sick at home.  As I Facetimed with them one morning, Taylor was super lethargic and Gavin made the decision to take her to the ER.  This resulted in her getting admitted with RSV and low oxygen levels.  Having your kids in the hospital is never easy, but being across the world and not being able to be with them was gut wrenching.  We were set to fly out the next morning and then spend 24 hours traveling.  

I landed in the US, drove home, and I went straight to the hospital to see this little lady and let Gavin get some sleep!  Thankfully she rebounded well!  Stay tuned though, because the rest of our December contained more hospital stays!

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