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April was our first full month of quarantine, and I was in a bit of panic mode.  I was 8 months pregnant, teaching online, never leaving my house, and trying to keep my sanity.  At this point of Covid, the news was still on all day every day, the governor had press conference at 11 letting us know what else needed to lock down, Treyton had preschool activities, and we still didn't know a ton of facts about the virus.  I did my best to know that we were safe as long as we just stayed home, but I was starting to lose my marbles!
These pictures loaded in reverse order and I didn't have the brain power patience to redo them!  Soo here ya have it--April in reverse order!
We weren't ever leaving the house sooooooo this wasn't a battle I was willing to fight!

T-Man had an activity each day from his teacher and he looked forward to it every day!

Going to the farm was about as exciting as our lives got!  I didn't let my kids get out of the car unless it was just Gavin and made my parents shoot at them from afar.

Our backyard was our saving grace!

There was also a running joke about how many days in a row my girls would wear their shoes or boots on the wrong feet.

It's now January 2021, and the bet is still running!  Any trick that I thought I had....isn't working!

Going to go ahead and guess he was creating a rainbow!

Sensory bins were, and continue to be, a hit with my big three!  Rice, beans, water beads, etc were played with almost everyday for an hour before lunch!

T's preschool activity was to paint rocks and the girls probably loved it more than he did!

This kid LOVESSS numbers so counting the dots or adding both sides together was an activity that we did a ton!

So many things about this picture make me laugh!  I had just given him the first haircut I had ever given. (I do it almost every other week now but watched way to many YouTube videos to make sure I didn't both it.).  His way too small tshirt that he BEGGED me to cut the sleeves off of, and the flex.

Our first holiday at home by ourselves was hard!  Little did we know, there would be several.  I had bought them Easter dresses prior to Covid and made them wear them that day.  They were ecstatic.....

I also remember how stressful this little photo shoot was!  Bet you can't imagine why!  Lol

My mom dropped off Easter baskets and called from the driveway.  We stood in our doorway and talked to lots of people in their cars.  While we still try to be safe about it, our family members are in "our circle" and I'm glad we aren't doing that any more.

The best surprise driveway drop off!

I'm fairly sure Tman was working on the letter M.  Rightfully so, we sent in a picture of Mya and Max!  I can't believe how much Max has grown since this picture!

I never did get to go back and see them and since I stayed home this year, I have never seen some of my students again and to this day, it breaks my heart!

Directed drawings are one of my absolute favorite things!  His teacher would show them how to draw this in a video!  L is for lion!

It appears as if we had a nice day!  The beach at our pond was also another family favorite!

More school at home!  He rolled the dice and then dotted which number he rolled.

Nana made them masks!  When she dropped these off, I swore we would never actually get to a point in which they needed to wear them.  Boy was I wrong!  Now they wear them like it's no big deal.

Digging a basement!

One of the biggest blessings that came out of all of our time at home was the growth of my kids' imaginations!  They learned to just sit and play and build with magnatiles and Legos.

G is for giraffe!

When I would give my students tasks for the day, I would some times write them out like this and have my kids hold them.  

I spy boots on the wrong feet!

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