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I vowed to do a better job of documenting this pregnancy than the last two!  Partially because every part of this pregnancy seems like a miracle and I want to soak it in, and secondly because when I look back at the girls' pregnancy and Trigg's, I only have one picture of myself pregnant! #sorrykids  I have taken weekly pictures this time around and it has been fun to see the changes, although I don't always enjoy the changes every day!

If you missed our announcement in December, here it is!  

We did IVF with our first four kiddos.  This included hundreds of shots, hundreds of doctors appointments, four miscarriages, and doctors telling us that getting pregnant on our own was out of the cards.  I had brought up the idea of a fifth, in a somewhat joking manner, several times and it was something we likely weren't going to proceed with.  I can't say we ever "officially" closed that chapter but by bedtime each night, I think we both felt our plate was full.  November rolled around and for several weeks I hadn't felt very well.  On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, after carrying Christmas stuff up the stairs, I had told Gavin that something was wrong with me and needed to go to the doctor.  I have absolutely no idea what made me think to just take a pregnancy test immediately after saying that but I did.  And was instantly in shock when I saw those two pink lines.  I immediately told Gavin and I think we just kind of laughed in disbelief until my first appointment.  We had always prayed this would happen in the midst of all of our fertility treatments and feel so blessed that we were at a point in our lives that it all just feels "right".

Pregnant and didn't know it!  Spent several days working out in Destin, Florida and then flew home to run a half marathon. 5ish weeks!

10 weeks!  Had just been to my first appointment the day before!

So here we are--30 weeks!  I am feeling pretty good for the most part.  I have officially hit the third trimester energy slump though which can be difficult some days.  I have also hit the stage where any time I stand up or roll over in bed, I need to use the bathroom.  While I feel sooooo fortunate and blessed to be pregnant again, I have never been a patient pregnant person, and I am ready to meet this baby towards the end of June!

What do you think?!  Boy or girl?!  And if you have any T names, we'd love to hear them!

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