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"He is not here; he has risen, just as he said." Matthew 28:6 

We had a jam packed weekend full of Easter celebrations and our kids had so much fun with their cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.  They survived on candy, hunted eggs until Trynlee told me her legs hurt, and played for hours with their cousins.  I have said it before, but will say it again, we are surrounded by THE best families.

All dressed up in our Sunday's best and home from church!  If I can get all four of them in the same frame, I consider it a win.  If I can get all four of them smiling, I like to call it a miracle.

We started off our Easter celebrations on Friday night with Grandma Carol and Grandpa Larry.  They typically host all of us but since Easter fell on Carol's birthday, we had it at our house and celebrated with a birthday DQ cake.

Everyone got to help blow out the candles and we all ate a little spit with our cake. ;-)

Off to Grandma Linda and Grandpa Brad's on Saturday for lunch.  It was super chilly but that didn't stop them from finding their eggs.  It was Trigg's second egg hunt and he meant business.  So much so that he picked up one of Krew's eggs and threw it in the window well when we told him it wasn't his.

Quite possibly the funniest bunny glasses!

Up bright and early Sunday morning to see if the Easter Bunny had stopped by!  A quick check of their Easter baskets and to dump them out so they could run around our house on another egg hunt.

No one in the world can quite rock the bed head like Trynlee and it didn't hinder her ability to snag lots of eggs.

Nothing screams Easter quite like a Halloween pajama top and Christmas pajama bottoms. Lol!

And our more competitive one was thrilled he had the fullest basket.  His stamina ran out when he had to open and then rematch them all. ;-)

Trigg opened a lot of them as he found them and ate candy at 7am like a boss.  I am fairly certain he survived on candy and candy alone for three solid days.

I'd like to just document that we made it to church in plenty of time to get everyone to Sunday School.  Offta!  It can be a rough drop off and I always make Gavin go back and check on them.  They only had Sunday School for Pre-K and under so Treyton got to sit in the service with us.  It's always fun to have a little one and one time.


After church, my family came over for lunch and helped the kids fly kites.  The wind was perfect for some kites and Taylor's poor flamingo kite struggled.   She quickly snagged Trigg's rainbow kite and we finally had three kites flying super high.

Treyton got his shark kite up right away and he ran around the whole field with it.  I am not sure that it ever fell.

Tay's kite finally got up in the wind and she was SOO excited!

And we wrapped up the day with some cookie decorating!  My aunt brought a decorating kit for the kids and they each made several cookies....all in which I am not sure I would share with anyone else. Lol!  At one point, Taylor was squeezing the frosting straight into her mouth.  Ha!  

I hope that you had a great Easter weekend and were able to spend some time with the ones you love the most!  More than anything, I hope that you feel God's love for you!

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