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Ohh hey! It appears as if Mother Nature had finally figured herself out a bit!  I swear my kids are 10x happier when they can just be outside for hours at a time.  The sandbox continued to be a crowd favorite for the entire year but Trigg really fell in love in the spring as soon as it turned nice.
Magnatiles are single handedly the most played with toy we have in our house.  We have the name brand ones and a couple of different knock off brands and they all seem to do the trick.  We even have the race track and marble run at this point.  While Gavin and I will sit down and build with them, they can easily build their own masterpieces as well.

Easter was upon us and hunting for eggs has gotten COMPETITIVE between the cousins!  It never ceases to amaze me how even the youngest of kids can figure out what is happening at an egg hunt and quickly join in on the fun.

Grandma filled the football eggs with money!

Oh hey, ma!  I know how to open these and get to the treats!

Cannot spare another second to go around the rock wall!  

Papa rescued some baby squirrels and was bottle feeding them.  Treyton loved every minute of it and had no hesitations holding them.

Both girls took turns helping Papa bottle feeding them and then got brave enough to touch and hold them.

The Easter Bunny paid our kids a visit!  

Shovels all around for the sandbox and pond!

And then off to find the eggs that the Easter Bunny had hidden outside.

We had some friends over to play and bubbles are always a hit!

Everything had to be taken out of lower bathroom and kitchen cabinets because someone figured out how to open the cupboards and decided it was his favorite spot to play.

There is just something about watching your kiddo sleep that is so lovable.  

My big.  He perfectly fits the stereotypes of "oldest child" perfectly!

This crawling business makes for lots of new and fun hiding spots.

The girls bring home a stuffed animal along with some activities to do every once in a while.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar came home with Trynlee on this particular day and she got to practice her counting.

I finally figured out how I wanted to display their artwork and their joy of seeing their work hung up made it worth every bit of it.  I am not a sentimental person at all so I often found myself just pitching things the day they came home.  We now give their work some time to shine.

All of my kids love helping in the kitchen and I am an even bigger fan of quick and easy crock pot recipes.  This is our Italian Beef Sandwiches.

Off to school they go!

Nothing beats when cousins come over to play!

Our friends had a plethora of ducks and chickens that had hatched so we took a little field trip to go see them.

Planting season was in full swing which meant meals in the back of the Suburban.

Sometimes I plan really well and other times I plan things like fajita tacos to be served....in my car!  I think I vacuum rice out of the back for weeks.

Mr. Trigg turned 11 months and was on the MOVE!

We hosted a bridal shower for Emmy and the girls enjoyed every minute of all things girly.

No caption needed!  Sunshine is good for the soul!

Another meal in the field and time playing in the dirt while we wait for Daddy.

Gavin farms with my Dad and Uncle so we often make pit stops at my parents' house while heading to or from the field.  We collected eggs for Papa on this particular night.

T-Ball started for Treyton and he was in his element!  Organized sports are definitely going to be a large part of our future.  He thrives on being busy and being competitive.

He also scored himself some new rollerblades and found out that they took some practice before just being good at them.  I was so proud of how he kept at it though and didn't let all of the falls discourage him.

There's April of 2021 for ya!!

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