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August (pictures posted backwards again) was another fun month of creating memories!  Treyton turned 5, Trigg turned 3 months, Tman started his second year of preschool, and the girls continued to be my sidekicks! 

Treyton's first day of 4 year old preschool with Mrs. Baskett.

Can you tell he was excited! 

I have no doubts that he will grow up and be just like his dad!

He spent lots of hours on his dirt bike this summer and ended the summer with a trip to a friend's dirt track.

Visiting Nana and Papa's to help with cow chores.

Wouldn't be another monthly flashback without a huge smile from Triggy!

Man! We can clean up nice every once in a while!

Bike rides with our Ski Club friends!

No shortage of love around here!

Tman got new golf clubs for his birthday so we headed to the course to play a round.

Not sure this picture even needs a caption...  Christmas jammies in August, workout loops as headbands, and wet pullups...

Treyton's birthday party with all of his cousins at the pond.

No one was safe from getting wet.

A little mid week golf date in a booster club tournament.

I hope they forever want their hair to match mine. 

Morning workout buddies!

We freeze sweet corn every year and had LOTS of help this year.

We poured cement in the rest of our outdoor dog kennel and Tman insisted on helping.


Papa brought sweet corn to the river.

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