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I feel like so much of the month of December revolves around this dude and where he hides each day!  Pesky little guy gets himself into trouble and leaves me a mess to clean up.  When we weren't searching for him, we were buying, wrapping, giving, and receiving presents most of the month.

First up, deer hunting with my dad, uncle, and guys that I have grown up with since I was a baby.  Treyton enjoys tagging along probably more than anyone and getting him to sit quietly is a feat in itself.

We are super fortunate to own lots of farm and hunting ground.  My dad and uncle have poured their hearts into maintaining the ground and perserving wildlife habitat.  I am well aware that hunting isn't everyone's cup of tea but I promise that we do it with respect to the wildlife population and the meat that we harvest.

The whole clan!

I have no idea what she does each night after we put her to bed but she wakes up like this almost every single morning.  I have tried braiding it, putting it up in a pony, but it just doesn't matter.

Happy 7 months, Triggy Trigg!

Christmas brought them a felt tree that they can decorate.

Lots of little helpful hands with wrapping.

We took each kiddo shopping on their own and let them buy their siblings presents.  It was a good lesson on giving and buying things the other person would like instead of ourselves.  They then got to come home and wrap them.

Christmas brought muffins to make!

Another snowfall meant a little more sledding and an attempt to make a snowman.

In an attempt to teach our kids to pay it forward, we put together a little goodie basket for all of the delivery men that drop packages off at the shop.

Coordinating Christmas clothes meant a good time for a photo.

Matching jammies for all of the cousins!

Daddy got a new grill and Traeger designs their boxes to be set up like a house that can be colored.  Still haven't figured out why we buy them Christmas presents and don't just give them boxes.

Look who is sitting independently!

His first toy from his siblings!

I swear when they become big enough to be in a walker or jumper, their whole perspective on life changes a bit!

Matching jammies with the Rottink family.  Fun fact--my mom ordered these for last Christmas but they showed up too late.  I must have gotten rid of my pants because they were no where to be found.

Christmas with Grandpa Brad and Grandma Linda.

I have a feeling we have lots of these sleepovers in our future!  

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