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We wrapped up our quarantine the first week of February with lots of school projects and preparation for our skiing trip to Colorado.  Thankfully our kids were young when all of this happened because they missed quite a bit of school in a short amount of time.  Everyone was missing school so it wasn't a huge deal but still felt like a lot.  I know it has been said but during virtual learning and then hybrid learning, teachers did not receive enough credit.  The amount of work it took to get all of my kids' work home was a lot!!

Recess break!

While everyone else did school work, Trigg happily ate or sat on the floor!

Coordinating outfits for Valentine's Day!

One of their tasks was to complete a sign for their bedroom door so they all did one!

Creating patterns and working on fine motor skills!

Trynlee wanted to dress up her baby doll with this green outfit.  It just so happens that it was hers when she was in the NICU so I had to dig out a picture to show it to her.  That's her wearing the outfit on the right.  Do you see how big it was on her and how tight it is on her doll?!?  I can't quite wrap my mind around how little they were.

We went flower girl dress shopping with Emmy!

Let's just say that Graceful is not her middle name!

Making a football Valentine's box to take to school to hold all of his goodies.

Not guilty at all!

Didn't take the dogs long to figure out who they should hang out by during meals.

Off we went to Colorado with the Tatroe family for a couple days of skiing.  They all did so good on our flight and drive to the mountain.

If I have any advice for snow skiing with littles, it is to enroll them in ski school!  Treyton did two half days and was skiing down the mountain with the rest of us.  Because of the girls age, they were able to do two, one hour lessons.  They could ski/glide down the hill and enjoyed it but still needed some additional practice to actually ski.

We dropped Treyton off at his lesson and then the girls started shortly after him.  His first day was spent in the lesson area where he learned the ropes with a small group.  But his second day was spent out on the mountain with an instructor and one other little boy.  The girls worked one-on-one with their instructor both days.

It was COLLDDDDDD so the hour was plenty for the girls before they were ready to head back to the condo to hang out for the day!

Having littles on a ski mountain isn't exactly convenient but between Gavin and myself and then Tatroes, we all took turns hanging out with the littles and then hitting the slopes.

On the third day, Gavin and I took all four of our kids to an area that had magic carpets and small runs.  I wore Trigg in a carrier and helped the girls go up the magic carpet.  Gavin took Treyton on the bigger runs that were close by and took the girls one at a time on the little runs.


Steege Party of 6 at Breckenridge!

Happy 9 months, Bubba!

When we got back, the kids were excited to show Nana and Papa what they had learned so we headed to a nearby ski resort in Iowa--nothing compared to Colorado--but still fun nonetheless.    Treyton skiied with Gavin and Kolton for the day and I hung out with the girls at the magic carpet with my parents.

Emmy and Kolton even joined us for the day. 

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