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The month of being outside all day everyday!  These pictures all loaded in reverse order and I didn't have the patience to go back and reselect them all--so enjoy the month of July from the end of the month to the beginning.  We made it our goal to go to at least one park a week and to eat as many meals as possibly outside.  

Visiting Nana and Papa's to see the cows!

And our first sweet corn of the year!

Oh Tryners!  Never a dull moment!

We stocked our pond with fish!

And completed Kiwi & Co activities.  Treyton decided in the middle of lockdown that he no longer needed naps and I cried a little bit inside every day.  Lol!  Some days we played together and did activities like this, and others he had to quiet time with an iPad so I could keep my sanity.

I'm telling ya!  His full face smile started at like 2 months old and has never gone away.  It is simply the best!

Happy 2 months little boy!

We went to Warrens, Wisconsin with the Marchant family to the Jellystone campground and had a BLAST!  Our kids were 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 1, and 8 weeks!

Everything about this photo makes my heart happy!

Vacationing with 4 kids should never really be called a vacation but rather a trip full of memories! ;-). 

Best friends since middle school!

There are LOTS of playgrounds at Jellystone but our kids played in this sand outside of our camper happily for HOURS!

Back home and back to the reality of having a newborn and three other kids!

Pizza pies and cherry pies with marshmallow were our FAVORITES!

Still seeing that tie dye?!

Our dogs are 65 and 115 pounds and would love nothing more than to be lap dogs.

Made a trip for Donut Friday to Hurts Donuts.

And spend lots of mornings making muffins or baking!

Getting back into shape with the best workout buddies!

Always exciting when food trucks come to town!

Kolton and Emmy made the trip back to Iowa and we went to the Blank Park Zoo with Nana and Emmy.

No trip to the zoo is complete without taking a ride on the camel.

Emmy painted their nails and they were in HEAVEN!

Taking a little nap on the pontoon while everyone else swam at the beach.

I just wanted ONE good picture of the four of them.  Taylor was NOT having it.

Daddy had tried giving Trigg a bottle a couple nights prior with no success.  Grandma Carol came over and he drank it like a pro.

So many hours playing at the pond and once again have never been more thankful for our backyard!

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