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The weather finally turned warm enough for us to spend most of our days outside!  Hallelujah! Every June, our yard is FULL of tiny toads and frogs that hatch and then migrate from the pond.  My kids spent HOURS catching them and attempting to make them pets.  Our sandbox and inflatable pool gained hundreds of hours of play time.

Trigg just learned from the very beginning to sleep anywhere and be pretty chill!

Triggy spent most of his first months of life either outside or outside at Ski Club.  His basinet fit perfectly in the closet of our camper. ;-)

We did tie dye with with our Ski Club friends and pretty much lived in those shirts for the rest of the summer.

Buddy logged some hours in his stroller.

Trigg at 1 month!

I'm telling ya!  The tie dye was an every day occurance.

I sold everything that our kids had outgrown and all of my maternity stuff.  It went great....except now in 2022 it makes us all laugh.  #surprisebaby5

We took a field trip to the strawberry patch.  It was approximately 150 degrees.

Backyard fires were our jam and we were pretty good at perfecting the cherry pies!

I believe this was their first time fishing at Uncle Calvin and Aunt Connie's pond.

It is my kind of fishing.  Drop your bobber of the edge of the dock and you're guaranteed to catch something.

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