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May gave us a glimpse into our future as EVERYTHING started to pick up and get really busy!  We had preschool programs, t-ball, graduation parties, and a little bit of everything else!  The weather FINALLY gave us some glimpses of nice spring weather and we started spending lots of time outdoors.  My brother and Gavin's youngest brother also got married so we started trying on outfits and heading to more bridal showers.  
My one request for Mother's Day was help getting our garden started and LOTS of help is what I got. ;-) It was the perfect day to plant and the whole clan even got to accompany me to the store to pick out vegetable plants.

I mean--check out my help! 

T-ball may be the FUNNIEST thing I have ever watched in my life.  If you have seen a worm thrown into a pen of chickens, you can perfectly imagine what the ball field looks like any time the ball is hit or thrown.

Trigg is the PERFECT fourth child!  He is easily entertained and perfectly content to just be along for the ride.  Next season may be a completely different situation but this season went great.

Halfway nice weather means lots of park time.

This yard sign is probably my favorite birthday surprise I have ever done.  I had to do absolutely nothing but give her a call and tell her the details and she showed up late at night to set it up.  We enjoyed taking lots of pictures, our employees giving him lots of crap, and then she came back and took it down.  I never touched it and got the best laugh!

The kids insisted on making Daddy a birthday cake!

The nursing home restriction FINALLY lifted and my grandma got to meet Trigg for the first time--not through the window and through FaceTime.  Her health was declining quickly so we were impatiently waiting for this to happen.  Side note---a one year old and an oxygen machine is not a great mix.

Their outfits for Jamison and Payton's wedding started showing up and I know I am biased, but gosh they're stinking cute!

Not quite sure what to do with their hands! Lol!

Gavin and I got to go have lunch with Treyton!  This was his second year of preschool but first year that wasn't cut short due to Covid, and one of the first times we were able to go into the building to see him in his element with friends.

Probably the most random picture you will ever see on my blog but one that I know I'd be interested in seeing.  That little white thing is a tube that came out of Taylor's ear.  It is sitting next to some wax that was holding it in her ear canal for quite some time.  I had hoped that we would get to see it when it fell out because I had always been curious as to what they looked like.  I know there are pros and cons and always risks to medical procedures but getting Taylor tubes was the best thing we were ever able to do for her!  Her hearing immediately improved and her ear infections drastically lessened.

Treyton's preschool graduation!  He LOVED preschool and was so excited to move onto kindergarten.

He also loves to workout with us and will often roll out of bed the second he can hear one of us in the weight room.  

Meet Camryn!  I began babysitting her when she was three and then continued to babysit for her family as they added two more kids and became more like family.  My kids call her parents Aunt Jen and Uncle Todd, and Camryn now watches my kids.  Want to talk about life coming full circle?!  Not sure how she graduated and headed off to college but we are sooo proud of her.  I somehow also got known for making balloon arches and put this one together for her party.  I think it moved to another party after her's as well. Lol!

Our river time started and never slowed down!  I grew up camping and boating at the river and am sooooooo glad that it is part of my kids' lives now too.  Our best friends are with us each weekend and we have the absolute best times.

Happppy happy birthday to Trigg!

I joined Treyton's class on their field trip to one of his classmate's house.  His teacher had brought over some farm animals, they had a lawnmower train ride, and lots of playground equipment to play on.  

Taylor and Trynlee had their first preschool graduation for 3 year old preschool.  We are so extremely grateful for their two teachers that loved on them and helped them come out of their shells.

Taylor is such a lover but we found out that she does NOT like being the center of attention and hated just about every minute of being on stage for her graduation program.  Poor thing stood with her hands in front of her eyes the whole time.

Early morning gym buddies!

We have three lots by our house and the second house began being built this month.  We walked over and camped out in the back yard several different times to watch the guys work.  Daddy was helping on the job this particular day which meant Treyton got in on the action.  I am sure our employees LOVE when we have a picnic and watch them work, but my kids love it!

This photo is clearly out of order because the walls weren't poured yet but here's an example us of perched on a blanket with lunch in hand and ready to watch them pour cement. ;-)

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