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Nothing screams fall quite like mums and red and orange leaves on the front porch!  Typically by about the end of July, I am ready to let my flowers see how long they can survive on their own so I can switch things up a bit.  I don't really recall why I had them pose for this picture but I am glad I did.

Making an apple pie for the guys in the field!

Treyton slid himself right into the tractor with Matt and Austin and I soon got asked if he ever stopped asking questions.  The answer is NO!

I will forever cherish the slow days at home with my kids!  While it was something that I never really dreamed of doing while growing up or going to college, I am so so so grateful that our situation has allowed it!

There's a happy baby in there somewhere with all of the fixings for walking tacos.

Treyton has always been a bit bummed that they get to sleep in the same room and he is in his own.  More often than not, he sleeps on their floor in his sleeping bag.

Another day of harvest means another day of supper in the back of my car!

We have too many kids to shove them all in at once so we conquer and divide between the combine and grain cart most nights.  

Tryn's turn to ride with Papa.

Trigg spends a lot of time with me in the car but every once in a while, the big kids will give him a turn.  He likes to try and push all of the buttons that he shouldn't!

Another local pumpkin patch with cousins!

Back to the Blank Park Zoo but this time with friends!

Krystal has worked hard to have Trigg like her!

I promise to never share with you anything that they are involved in making.  :-)

We couldn't bring Daddy supper this day so brought him lunch instead.

Another month of countertop smiles!

Soaking up every last bit of warmth before winter shows up!

Happy 5 months Triggy Trigg!

Back at the farm and found some kitties!

Our love for the Hawkeyes runs deep and so does our love for having friends over for the football games!

Grandma Carol started "Grandma Day" for each kid's birthday and it may be their favorite day of the entire year!  Instead of getting a gift to open, she takes the girls to get their nails done and then to the dollar store to pick out lots of goodies.  

Daycare always has the best photo shoots!

Trunk or Treat!

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