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September brought school routines and the beginning of harvest!  I absolutely love that Gavin is involved in my family's farm but being on my own with 4 littles can be a lot some weeks!  Thankfully the farm is close and we are surrounded by family and friends.

Thankful for a couple of more warm weekends in September.  The girls that are just a bit older than Treyton had a salon open and I am pretty sure all of the days got colored hair and toe nails.

So thankful for friends that are much more like family.

When it is rainy and cold in the mornings (and your kids wake up before everyone else),  you eat in the camper and try to get them to watch a movie.

When Grant shows up at the river, he is everyone's favorite.  

Have you ever put hundreds of rubber bands around a watermelon and watched it explode?  I feel like we do this at least once each summer and it never seems to be less exciting.

We celebrated my Grandpa's 80th birthday with family!  It is not lost on me how lucky I am to still have several grandparents in my life!  We also watched Treyton blow out the candles on his cake and decided that for sure how Covid gets spread. Lol!

Can never be too safe playing with rocks in the driveway!

In order to keep some of my teaching benefits active, I have to sub a couple of times a year.  This was my first day back in the classroom and away from Trigg.  

We have a very strict NO KIDS IN OUR BED rule.  Do you see how that goes some nights?!  I will say that they always go to bed really well but some nights we're just too tired to walk anyone back downstairs if they make their way up.  This night just so happened to have lots of visitors.  It seems as if Gavin still had his space in the bed while my sliver there on the rights seems very small.

The month leading up to harvest typically means lots of time getting things ready and meals in the back of vehicles or somewhere around the farm.

Happy 4 months little dude!

Eating some supper in the car while Daddy met us at the end of the field.  While it may take a bit more work, my kids absolutely love getting to see their dad and take a ride in the equipment.  We could easily stay home but it's important for us that they see the hard work that goes into a family farm.

While the meteorologist said it was going to be warm at the pumpkin patch, he was wrong!  We spent a couple of hours exploring a local farm on a chilly, windy morning with cousins.

The corn pit was a hit for all four!

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