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Flashback to Trigg's 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st birthday, Trigg Bradley!  Aka Triggy Trigg, Bubba, Buddy Boy, Triggy, Trigger....  No one is lying when they say time flies.  I am also here to tell you that time seems to go by faster with each kid that you add to the mix.  I mean, I remember him being a bit of a fussy baby, really all of our kids have been, but things went by so fast that it seems like I blinked and it was all over.  Now, we have this happy, go lucky, little boy that is much less baby and much more toddler every single day!  

He continues to be the smiliest, goofiest, happiest little guy that has every single one of us wrapped around his finger.  If only he routinely slept through the night, he would be absolutely perfect. Kind of kidding! Lol!

Treyton wore this exact same shirt for his 1st birthday pictures and since they seem to be twins in about every single way, it only made sense.

Tell a one year old not to touch the water and see what he does--most likely going to get a mischievous grin!

Then we moved onto cake and this kid could survive on sweets!  It wasn't an issue to get him to dig in.

Why don't you just let me grab the whole piece, Beth?!

Party time!

We had the most beautiful weather and he got a lot of water toys which worked out perfectly!

Happy birthday, Buddy!  We couldn't love you more!

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