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Eeek!  I am excited to link up to this party again because it has been a hot minute!  I feel like over the last couple of weeks I have had A LOT of favorites so going to attempt to put them all in one place over the next couple of weeks!  This week a majority of my time has been focused on Easter, which may be my second favorite holiday--right after Christmas.  I mean, there aren't two holidays more focused on Jesus and getting to celebrate his birth and rising into heaven is so special!
This week has been BUSY but each and every day has solidified the fact that I 100% made the right decision to stay home with my kids!  I work at Gavin's office a couple of days a week this year.  I come and go as I can, just don't show up if something comes up, and get a little adult interaction each week.  I manage our website, work on social media content, and create marketing content as needed.  It has been a good fit for me and for our family.  Trigg has had his first experience at daycare and is loving it more and more each time he goes and the girls love getting to go back to see their Keri.

The weather!  Gosh those "warm" sunny days were good for our souls.  My attitude, my kids' attitudes, and my house all appreciate when we can spend ample amount of time outside.  We are super fortunate to live across the field from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and their three kids.  Our kids are now at the age where they can just run across the field to play with each other.  

Gavin had to take a look at a job site at our friends' house and they have calves, a sheep, and kitties!  We spend a lot of time with this family during the summer so our kids play really well together.  Our three littles were so obsessed with the kittens.  Like so much so that Gavin and I may have agreed to get two of them as soon as they get their shots and it's a bit warmer.

When Trigg warms up and ventures away from me, he LOVES LOVES LOVES dirt and sand!  Give the kid a shovel, cup, or bucket and he will entertain himself for quite some time.

I mean--how could I say no?!?!

I did a terrible job of taking pictures but I had the opportunity to be in both schools this week.  I subbed in a first grade classroom so got to see Treyton in his element and then got to be apart of the girls' Easter party.  While I would have been with Treyton everyday had I kept teaching, I always missed out on the fun stuff which kind of broke my heart.  His teacher sent me this picture this week though and it is for sure a favorite!  Guys, he is thriving in kindergarten!  So much so that he doesn't like early outs, tells his teacher that he wishes the weekends were shorter, and I can guarantee he will cry the last day of school.  He has been working so hard on learning to read and if they practice a book at home, they can choose to read it to their class.  He read The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss to his class this week and the fact that he is brave enough to do that in front of his peers just melts my heart.

Story time at our library has been a favorite this year!  On Tuesdays it is your typical story time with toddlers and on Thursdays it is music story time.  My kids love both and they love getting to play with the toys in the children's section even more.  When anyone ever asks me what I do to make staying at home doable, I always say that you have to get out of the house!  Story time is such a great way and I think most libraries likely have some form of it.

Yesterday they got to use the egg shakers and let's just say, you wanted to be out of arms reach of Trigg because he was feeling himself! :-)

Happy Friday, Friends!  I hope you have a great weekend and get time to spend it with the ones you love the most!

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  1. I had a very dirt loving little boy too; he's turning 18 next week and gearing up for his new job running loaders and excavators-- essentially he's still playing in the dirt!


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