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 I am linking up with Andrea and Erika today to share some favorites from our week!  I can tell this next month or so, and realistically until we have the baby, are going to be super busy.  Keep telling myself to hold on and enjoy all of the chaos.

The weather has NOT been my favorite!  We are really needing to get into the field to plant for the spring but we haven't had sunshine and warmth for any consecutive days in over a month.  Any decently warm day that we have had has been super windy.  I can't decide if it has been windier than normal or if I have just blocked this out of my mind.

My kids are NEEDING to get outside and play for hours on end.  It would be good for all of us!  They have been troopers though and have still tried to rollerblade and ride their bikes around without getting blown away.

Part of having CRP grass (conservation) on our fields means that a lot of it has to be burnt off in the fall to promote new growth.  The fire department came out and helped burn some neighbor's grass so the kids and I drove out to watch and catch some rides with Gavin.  It is always rather impressive how quickly it can burn and how big the fire can get.

We had some cabinets get built incorrectly for one of our custom homes which left these perfectly good cabinets sitting in our shop.  Because our "office" continues to be used as a nursery, we decided to convert our toy room into an office and I couldn't be more excited.  Our toy room really only stores the toys as our kids would rather play in one of our living rooms, which is totally okay.  I am thankful to be adding a little more storage for those toys and plan on moving ALL of our toys downstairs now that our kids are old enough to play down there more.  I plan on getting a small table for this space as well that can be used as a craft table in hopes to limit the coloring on our dining room table and contain all of the beads.  We shall see how that vision pans out.

Our district held kindergarten roundup this week for next year's kindergartners, which meant that this year's kinders got two days off of school.  On Monday, my niece, who is Treyton's age, spent the day with us and we just hung around the house.  On Tuesday, though, we ventured to the trampoline park with some friends to burn off some energy.  We went during toddler time so our kids could jump on all of the trampolines.  The swing and the foam pit were a FAVORITE!

This kid!  He is a complete mood at all times!  His FAVORITE things in life currently are snacks (24/7) and boots.  We're attempting to wean off the fruit snacks and have now taken to taking bites out of every apple in the drawer.  He really enjoys wearing his sisters' boots too because he can quickly slide them on and escape to the garage.  

Dance is probably the girls' FAVORITE thing of the week currently.  They love going and coming home to practice their new moves.  I have been super impressed with how well they have listened and participated since this is really their first "organized" activity.

We got to spend some extra time with the neighbor kids---also known as our nieces and nephew :-)--when their parents spent some much deserved time on a vacation.  There's going to be lots of sleepovers and shenanigans in these kiddos' futures.

And while these aren't new this week, I do go back to get my extensions moved up today!  While they definitely took a couple of days to get used to, they have certainly been a FAVORITE change these last two weeks.  After years of fertility treatments, pregnancy, nursing, postpartum, and all of the hormone changes that come along with that, my hair has been through the ringer.  I don't plan on these long term but hope to give my hair a little time to grow and thicken up a bit.  

So there you have it!  Some favorites from our week!  I hope you have a great weekend and pray you have better weather than what we have forecasted.  One of these days it is going to get warm and sunny, right?!?!

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