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From 3lb miracles to 3 years old!  I can remember the day that they were born like it was yesterday.  The days leading up to them being born were stressful and full of hope that I could stay pregnant for several more weeks.  Then on that Friday morning when I woke up in denial that I was in labor and delayed telling the nurses that I was having fairly painful contractions.  To think that they were whisked away from us when they were born to be stabilized to now they're talking nonstop, running around like crazies, and are perfectly healthy is mind blowing!

Happy birthday, Taylor and Trynlee!  We love you to the moon and back!

Cinnamon rolls for their actual birthday with candles, too!

Presents from Mom and Dad.

Party time with family with none other than Minnie cakes and decor.

Taylor may be the loudest and craziest when she is comfortable with everything but by golly can she my shy and HATES being in front of a crowd.

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