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Treyton Lee is F I V E!!  I say it every year and I am sure I will say it for years to come--I just don't know how he is so big.  I remember the day he was born like yesterday!  His birthday falls in the sweet spot of summer and he was excited to have his family and friends over to play at the pond.
When we added Trigg to the Steege crew, we had 10 cousins 7 and under! While a bit chaotic at times, there is not shortage of fun, laughter, friendship, and NOISE!

The pond is the perfect spot for our crazy crew!

Add in a couple of second cousins and we have plenty of kiddos of all ages.

After a couple of hours at the pond and some pizza outside, we moved onto presents.

Squirt guns and Nerf guns were on his wish list and his family members pulled through.

We saved Mom and Dad's present for last.

New golf clubs!

Over the next couple of days, we made our way to the golf course several times.  One mom with 4 kids is quite the sight on the putting green.

A couple of days later, all of our friends came over for the same routine!  Pond and pizza.  Almost all of our friends have kids at about the exact same age which is so much fun, and I feel so lucky to hang out with my own friends while my kids are with theirs.

What it actually looks like behind the camera trying to get a picture of 20 kids to look in the same direction.

Ty is always a good sport with the little boys.

And we ended the week with a family golf date.  We made it about 6 holes before Dad was ready to call it quits. ;-)

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