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Looking back at July of last year makes me even more excited for this coming summer!  Our kids have 7 days left and they are officially on summer break.  I think I may actually be more excited than they are.  It appears that last July was spent OUTSIDE on the river, celebrating the 4th and my mom's 60th birthday, and then lots of time with the puppies.

These two were determined to learn to ski.  They weren't brave enough quite yet to go behind the boat by themselves but they did ski with me several times.

While it took quite a bit of persuading at the beginning of summer, Treyton tackled skiing on his own and then never really stopped.  Our rule at the river is that you have to ski before you can tube.  It can be on their own, with some buddies, or with an adult, but you have to ski!  I will never take these moments for granted because I know the days of him asking me to ski with him will be few and far between in the years to come.

We threw a surprise party for my mom at the river and she didn't have a clue!  We had spent the day up at the beach and then when she got back, her siblings and closest friends were at the club waiting for her.  If I remember correctly, it was approximately 120 degrees.

I love a good coordinated clothing picture!  Getting them to actually sit nicely and all look at the camera was quite the challenge.

I pray they will always give each other a hug when you ask them to smile for the camera.  Theirs suits and dresses are from Old Navy last year.

Never a dull moment with Tman!

We knew Mya was getting super close to having her puppies so Gavin built her a whelping box for her kennel.  She seemed to immediately know what it was for and made herself right at home.  We had a vacation planned from the same week she was supposed to have her puppies....with our vet.

She actually had them a couple of days early...only like 12 hours after Gavin got her box built for her.  She labored ALLL day and had 11 puppies.  She seemed to want Gavin sitting there with her but did not appreciate the kids very much during the process.

Thankfully Gavin's brother lives next door and agreed to check in on her and the puppies for a couple of days while we took off with our camper.  5 campers, 10 adults, and a whole slew of kids---such a great weekend at the Jellystone campground.

This particular Jellystone has several pools, a little kids waterpark contraption with a dumping water bucket, and a pond with a beach.  Our entire group, plus a couple of others, plan on heading back this summer.  We will have to sit this year out due to it being reallll close to my due date but can't wait to go back next year.

Oh hey!  They found another body of water!  This one just so happens to be the pond in our back yard.

The puppies were well socialized and loved on in the 8 weeks that we had them.  Our 4 kids and my nieces and nephew were in LOVE and struggled to see them head home with their families.

We had a fairly scary experience with a tornado going through our backyard one evening.  Thankfully we were safe and I don't believe anyone was hurt in the tornadoes path.  We have a storm shelter in our house and it was a good lesson for our kids on the importance of it.  I had a tote of essentials ready to go with lanterns and some snacks which came in handy.  We had been watching the storm roll in and knew that there were tornadoes involved.  Gavin was standing outside watching it and yelled down that we needed to get the dogs downstairs as it was headed right for us.

We spend our fair share of time at the pond and had the sand in our basement to prove it.

A golf tournament with my mama on her actual 60th birthday.  My dad had called the head of the tournament and had everyone in the tournament sing her happy birthday.

Our town's celebration includes a fairly large parade with plenty of candy being thrown out.  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly kids can pick up on rushing to get the most.

Off to my aunt and uncle's pond for some fishing and swimming.  Their pond is the PERFECT spot for little kids (and myself) to fish because you can catch something on almost every cast....or drop of your bobber off the dock.

Gavin's youngest brother also got married last summer and we headed off to the bachelor and bachelorette parties.  So much fun celebrating this pretty lady!

It was a big day in our house when this little one decided she was done with her training wheels!  Off she went and has never looked back.

11 healthy furballs!  They were considered mini Bernedoodles and most of them are between 20-45 pounds now!  We love getting to watch some of them grow on social media.

The county fair always has a petting zoo and my kids could spend the entirety of their day there.  From a kangaroo all the way down to potbelly pigs, they love it all.

One of the towns near us got a new pool and we fell in love with it!! There is something about a zero entry pool that makes such a huge difference with littles.  

The "One Day Wonders" took on one day of Ragbrai from Iowa Falls to Waterloo.  Most of the group stopped in Janesville and enjoyed the festivities for the night.

So much love for the puppies, especially as they became more playful and their personalities really began to shine through.

Purple was the smallest puppy and the girls absolutely ADORED her.  Her family named her Penny and she is still a petite little lady.

Taylor probably had the biggest love and attention span for the puppies and we have seen that continue with animals over the last year.  Her she is spending lots of time with Murphy!

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