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Oh June!  You were such a welcomed month!  There is nothing quite like the immediate slow down of summer and the slow morning and time outside.  Our kids could have easily lived outside and were in such better moods when the weather was nice.  We enjoyed the fair, our pond, my brother's wedding and lots of time spent playing outside.

Chalk was life for these girls!  Our driveway was continuously decorated with drawings and letters and obstacle courses.

They also participated in their first "organized" class--tumbling.  We have learned that while Trynlee is much shyer/reserved up front, she is quicker to try things.  Taylor seems to more adventurous but takes a bit longer to warm up and wants to really know whats going on.

Dairy Days is quite possibly the oddest schedule planned days (Tuesday and Wednesday) for a town festival, but the parades and carnival are always a crowd favorite!

Trigg learned his love for tootsie rolls and quickly figured out how to race for the candy being thrown from the floats.

Treyton loved every minute of football camp, even though its was 100 degrees every day!

Nothing makes me laugh more than little kids in goggles that aren't on quite right!  Lol!  

We LOVED the new pool that opened near by.  Something about a zero entry portion of a pool made all of the difference for us.  Trigg was able to play, the girls were able to get deep enough to make them happy, and Treyton could swim in the 3 ft area with his friends....and were all in view!

My brother got married and all six of us were involved! We headed to the nail salon to get manicures and pedicures.  Trynlee had hers picked off before we even got out of the car at home.  Any tricks to get a little girl to keep nail polish on would be greatly appreciated.  She loves to get them painted but it never lasts long.

Rehearsal went well!

The morning of the wedding!  

All dressed up and ready to go!

Officially Aunt Emmy!

May be a bit biased, but dang we have some cute kids!

The walk down the aisle was a bit of a disaster!  Lol!  Trigg actually was doing just fine and Treyton and Taylor were trying to be very helpful--until he stepped on Taylors dress and they all fell over.  Haha!!

There was a Disney themed room with Cinderella and a ferris wheel full of candy!

Back in the comfort of our backyard and loving the sunshine.

The county fair is probably one of my favorite things of the summer.  I grew up showing beef cattle and living on the fair grounds for the week: eating malts, carnival food, catching animals in the scrambles, and watching all of the grandstand events.  

We were lucky enough to know one of the judges for the rodeo who took the kids back to the shoots as they were loading up all of the bulls.

The number of Dairy Producer malts that I have bought over the years is probably concerning.  My kids weren't disappointed in my love of the Dairy Shack.

Treyton caught a chicken in the scrambles and he got to go live at Papa's!  Everyone meet: Chuck Cluck.  Ol Chuck Cluck learned how to fly out the top of his cage and went to live with the pheasants.

And lots of time spend swimming at the pond and digging in the sand!  It really was the perfect month!

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