A Day in the Life: Snow Day Edition

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Phew!  We had quite the week with the Polar Vortex, some snow, and FOUR snow days!  We actually had six snow days in the last two weeks with late starts and early outs.  I love, love, love being home with my own three kids but not being able to go outside or really go anywhere due to the dangerous temperatures made us all a tad stir crazy!

I also love these Day in the Life posts on other blogs!  I don't know why I find them so intriguing but I like to get other ideas for things to do with my kids, a different way to do things, or a great daily routine idea.

So....here is a look at our day in the form of pictures.  My goal was to take pictures each hour.  Let's just say, I should have set alarms. :-)

My alarm for the day went off at 5:15 to workout.  Needless to say, I didn't get up and I shut off my 5:30 "just in case" alarm as well.

These three munchkins wake up at 6:00 almost on the minute each day.  On this day in particular, I cut out their morning bottle and put them right in their seats for breakfast.  Treyton does a great job of entertaining, most days, while I get their breakfast ready.  They had some waffles, blueberries, and some milk.  

We played in the living room for a bit.  Still rocking the Christmas pajamas around here!  By day four of being stuck inside, Treyton had way more screen time than normal.

 The girls needed a morning nap around 8:45 so I laid them down and went to change to workout, since I didn't do it before they got up.  I HATE when I do this and have about every excuse possible not to workout.  I was looking out our bedroom window and decided to check the temperature. -24 was the real feel.  It was closer to -35 with windchill and the reason we didn't have school.

I mixed myself an Advocare Spark, put on my shoes, and headed downstairs to get started with my workout.

I completed a Beachbody on Demand workout called Liift4.  On this day in particular, it was shoulders, cardio and abs.  Treyton played in the toy room and peeked in once in a while to let me know they had started without me or it didn't look like I was doing the same thing as them. Thanks for the encouragement, buddy!  I was reminded why I workout while he is still sleeping.  Lol!

 Mixed my self an Advocare Chocolate Peanut Butter meal replacement shake for breakfast, err mid morning snack.

Decided I should probably shower for the day.  When I don't leave the house, I can't say my hair had been washed all week.  #dryshampoototherescue . The girls scattered toys, unrolled the toilet paper, and climbed in that pile of clean laundry in the background.  

I came out to the living room to find my dad and Treyton watching a movie together.  I got everyone changed out of their pjs and dressed for the day so we could take some papers to my mom at the bank.  Gavin had taken my car the day before so I had to put their carseats back in.  Gosh I hate doing that!  It's a workout in itself.

After running some papers to my mom, we went to the OP for lunch.  It was our first time out of the house in a week, and I was looking forward to some adult interaction, someone else making food for me, and OP pizza.  I forgot to take any pictures so snagged one as we were driving away.

The girls both fell asleep on the way home and by the grace of God, I got their coats off, changed their diapers, and got them in their beds for nap time still asleep!  #allthepraisehands Treyton put up a bit of a fight about nap time but was asleep by about 1:45. 

I took some time and got our kitchen and living room picked up.  I feel like it is always a mess when we are home, and I either spend my time following them around picking up or doing it all at night.

I hit up Pinterest for a new letter board saying and this one seemed fitting.  I ended up moving somethings around in our kitchen as well.

These two took exceptionally long naps and didn't wake up till 3:30ish and went straight to their pillow.  Apparently they were thirsty.  This pillow by the way has been our number one life saving investment with twins.  It is called the TwinZ and I couldn't recommend it more to twin mamas.

I woke Treyton up around 4:00 and we had a snack.  They all had some yogurt, grapes, and crackers.  These crackers are left over from our Christmas party and they're obsessed.

Our kids are ready for supper by like 5:15-5:30 we the girls pulled out every muffin tin, cookie sheet, and cutting board, while I got things out.  Treyton got a game of Disney Memory set up and we played while I made supper.  This is the first game he has been able to actually play and I am looking forward to this!

Gavin got home around 5:30, and we had paninis.  I left the spinach off for Treyton and just gave it to the girls in pieces.  I am working on a post with the details of these.

After supper there was some wrestle mania :-) and they all ended up playing in our shower (with the water off) for some reason.

The girls were in bed around 7:30 and Treyton wanted to watch Power Rangers for a bit.  We have been trying hard to spend some one-on-one time with him after the girls go to bed and he eats it up.  He was off to bed, with a fight, around 8:30.

Gavin, Jamison, Payton (Gavin's brother and girlfriend who are living with us currently) and I played Ticket to Ride.  Such a fun game!  It requires some patience, strategy, and a poker face. ;-) I totally recommend it! I forgot to take pictures of this but if you do a quick Google search you can better see what the board looks like.  The main objective is to build the trains from the Tickets that you draw.

Image result for ticket to ride

We called it a night around 10:00 and I don't think I saw anything past the first commercial of whatever we were watching.

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