Snow Day #8!

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Over the last 48 hours or so we have received 10ish inches of snow and therefore didn't have school yesterday.  As I write this, we already have a 2 hour delay for tomorrow.

The wind then picked up around noon yesterday and caused white out conditions.  We live on one of the bigger highways in our area and the cars were crawling last night!  The meteorologist on the 6 o'clock news repeated and repeated to stay off the roads, and reported that plows had been pulled from certain roads.  My fingers are crossed that we make it to school today.

While I know that I will have a different opinion in June when we are still in school, I have thoroughly enjoyed these spontaneous days home with my kids.  I keep making comments to Gavin about how wonderful it would be to be a stay at home mom but it doesn't seem to be working. ;-)

We spent a lot of our morning outside.  I attempted to take all three of our kids outside on the sleds but it was still snowing hard and there was so much snow that the sleds kept tipping over.  Trynlee was over it within the first 2 minutes and face planting in the snow a couple of times.  Treyton really wanted to move snow with Gavin so my goal was to pull them to where he was at.  We didn't even make it 1/4 of the way before I turned around.  Need a good workout?  Pull your kids around in a sled in 8-10 inches of snow!

We are fortunate to live next door to Gavin's brother and his family.  Our kids get to play together quite a bit which is fantastic.  Nate brought his girls over to sled down a hill in our back yard and asked if Treyton wanted to come out.  The twins were sleeping so I threw on some boots and a coat to snap some pictures.
These three love each other big time!
These two!  They're the same age and either play really well together....or fight like brother and sister!  He calls her "E" and he is the only one she lets do that.  
Treyton finally got to move snow with Gavin and spent an hour or so in the skid loader with him. 
He then came in and helped make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for him and the girls (and licked the knife more than I'd like to admit).  The girls demolished some raspberries as they waited...and apparently painted with them too.  She was so proud of herself.
I feel like Treyton has been stuck inside our house so much in the last couple of weeks that he has currently lost interest in a lot of his toys.  I browsed Pinterest for some indoor activities and found some that I knew he would enjoy and I had the supplies for.  The first one used some fine motor skills as he pinched little puff balls with plastic tweezers and sorted them into the matching circle.  This actually kept him entertained for quite a while and allowed me to get the girls changed (out of their pajamas) and down for their afternoon nap.
This second activity just required some garage door stickers and a sheet of paper.  He needed a little help on this as he doesn't recognize numbers yet and doesn't always have the most accurate one-to-one counting.  I helped him count the dots under each number and then he was able to place the correct amount of stickers in each column.
He made it 1-9 before he lost interest.  I count that as a win!
He requested one more activity before he laid down for his own nap and chose to use his painters.  We have used these for lots of similar activities and he never seems to get bored of them.  I just printed off some winter themed pictures meant to be used with these painter daubers
All the fresh air must have worn them out because they all took 2.5-3 hours naps.  After some snacks, I pulled out some birthday and Christmas presents that they haven't played with a ton.  The girls stood at the fireplace for quite a while and stacked and unstacked these bowls as I made supper.

And one last picture of Mya.  She brought about every somewhat dry piece of winter clothing still laying on the floor in the entryway into the living room.  Just adding a couple more things for us to pick up before bedtime.  :-)  She isn't allowed on the couch but I snagged a picture before I made her get down and give Treyton's glove back.

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I pray that you stayed safe during the snow storm yesterday if you are local.  Keep your fingers crossed that the roads get cleared and we make it to school around 10:30!

I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of my kiddos in their Valentine's Day shirts and details on how I made them.  

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