Weekend Recap!

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Happy Monday!  We had a great weekend, and I am always sad when it comes to an end.  Thankfully, we had a workday on Friday so I am extra ready to go this week and my report cards are done!  #hallelujuh

We had a really low key Friday night and grilled some burgers, hung out, had early bed times, and Gavin and I got to watch some of our favorite shows.  We are fortunate to be able to keep our grill right outside our patio doors which allows us to grill all winter long.  Nights home as a family are some of my very favorite nights! #homebody
My cousin Dani got me in Saturday morning to cut and color my hair.  I always wait way to long to do this so I feel like a whole new person when I leave her salon.  Anyone else quiz their husband on what is different when they get home?!  Lol
Our kids hung out with my mom while I got my hair done and Gavin went coyote hunting with my dad.  It was nap time when we were getting packed up to leave and this little one may have thrown a bit of a fit and ran to his Paw Patrol bed.  When I went to chat with him, he was cashed out.
Tay and Tryn are really starting to show their personalities and are learning new things each day.  While they still generally just parallel play, they really like to be by each other and occasionally fight over the same toy.  This diaper box was a hit all weekend long, and Treyton's tent is always one of their favorite spots to hang out.
They got these little bikes for their birthday in November and are just getting tall enough and coordinated enough to ride them around the house.  Trynlee is so proud of herself. Ha!  I highly recommend both of them!  The yellow one sits a little bit lower but the pink one can be pushed and rolls easier.
The girls are just on the brink of out growing everything we own for them so I quick ran to Carters and Oshkosh to pick them up a couple of things to make it to Spring.
We also needed wipes as we were running on only the ones left in our diaper bag.  I have LOVED the Honest Company wipes since we had Treyton.  They are a bit more expensive but they are thick and just get everything wiped clean.
I put our beloved bottle warmers away this weekend (HALLELUJAH!) and grabbed a set of sippy cups with a straw.  They both have fought over Treyton's Munchkin one so I found a pink and purple one.  I have had the best luck with these ones not leaking.

Our weekend was filled with lots of board game playing!  Saturday night, Jamison, Payton, Gavin and I played Catan.  I'll be honest, I was overwhelmed with how many rules there were before we even started but once the game got going, it was fun.  It can definitely get competitive and there is a lot of strategy involved.  This and Ticket to Ride are currently my favorite games and I highly recommend them if you're looking for a board game.

We also played several board games with Treyton.  I absolutely love that he is getting old enough to play these.  Count Your Chickens is a cooperative game so there isn't one winner or one loser, which is kind of a big deal for Tman right now.  He thought it was pretty cool that we were all on the same team.  It required him to count as he moved the Mother Hen and then also as he put chicks in the chicken coop.  I think we played over a dozen times so I feel safe to say it is 3 year old approved.
I bought Farmyard Bingo from our teacher's lounge a couple of years ago and pulled it out today.  This one is also 3 year old approved!
We didn't get to "Pancake Saturday" on Saturday due to having to get up and moving but we certainly didn't miss them! :-)  These are the best homemade pancakes I've ever had.  I got the recipe from Babbling Abby and have made them just about every week since August...  I have been using whole wheat flour and they are just as good.
Pancake Recipe
-3T melted butter
-1 egg
-1.25 cup milk
-1.5t vanilla 
-1/2 cup sugar
-1.5 cup flour
-3.5t baking powder
-1t salt

-I turn our griddle on to 350 degrees and wait to flip them until there are plenty of bubbles on the top!  My kids LOVE these!

Have I mentioned that I am ready for summer?  Like NO SNOW and 70 degrees?!  We got another like 6 inches of snow over the weekend and attempted to make the best of it.  All three of our kids love being outside--sunshine or snow piles...  Gavin got out the snowmobiles and Treyton and our neieces, and even the girls, went for rides and even got pulled behind the Ranger on the sled.
 Good thing we have this young buck around! ;-)
 Tay kept screeching while pulling the big kids on the sled so we went for a quick ride too.
 Treyton would have rode on the snowmobile all day if we would have let him.
 Tay's turn for a ride!
 Trynlee's turn!
 Mya was having the time of her life chasing the sled around.
And then everyone took a nice long nap! :-)
We rounded up our weekend with plates full of spaghetti, baths, and getting the house picked up!  I love getting the week started a bit ahead of the game.  I typically go grocery shopping on Sunday's but with it snowing all day, I ordered my groceries online after the kiddos went to bed and will pick them up on our way home from school tonight.  If you haven't ordered your groceries online before, you've got to try it!  It will change your life!  Lol!

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