A Day in the Life--Weekend Edition

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We had a fairly busy weekend and since our internet is so painfully slow, my computer is still working on uploading all of the pictures.  A recap of our weekend will be coming tomorrow!!

I did however do my best at taking pictures all day on Saturday and actually did a fairly decent job!

Both of our girls have colds right now and when we got home from a get together with friends Friday night, Tryn's breathing seemed a little heavy.  I stuck her Owlet on her and checked on it several times throughout the night.  Her oxygen stayed good and looked wonderful by morning!
I started off my picture taking on the struggle bus.  I couldn't for the life of me get a screen shot of the time without the unlock screen coming up.  This was the best I got.  I felt like it was worth documenting because I am not sure our kids have ever slept until 6:45 on the same morning.  It was heavenly!
The girls were ready for breakfast so we headed right out to their seats.
Tay's hair was also worth documenting on this Saturday morning.  Must have gotten some good sleep!
Gavin was heading to the farm to dig up and replant some trees.
Treyton was not thrilled that he wasn't getting to go along and drug out his goodbye with about 187 stall tactics.
Saturday morning almost always means pancakes!
While I got the kitchen cleaned up, they all played in the living room.  They shot some hoops, read some books, and played with their play kitchen.
We migrated into our closet so I could do some laundry.  My least favorite activity of all time!
We all got out of our pajamas and got out every toy with lots of parts.
Grandpa Brad and Grandma Linda stopped over, and Treyton had to put on his football pads to play some catch.  I'm not really sure what is happening in this picture but Brad's face is priceless. ;-)
More catch!
The girls are really into stacking things currently and got Grandpa Brad in on the action.
It was prom in town so we headed out to see our favorite, Cami, get dolled up.  I snagged some coffee from the coffee truck on the way.
Camryn was three when I started babysitting for them.  She is now 16, watches our kids, and was off to her first prom. #ifeltreallyold
The girls and I were really helpful with her hair.  Or offered moral support and sat on the floor and made a mess.
We actually made 2 coffee stops on the way to their house because Treyton HAD to have a smoothy and the coffee truck didn't have any.  He got distracted once we got there and the girls drank it instead.
We ate a quick lunch with them before Cam got started on her makeup and getting her dress on.
Taylor made a huge mess.  Oofta!
The girls LOVED Lyvia's donut truck, and Taylor was bound and determined to get in there.  Spoiler: she never did!  It ended with Trynlee in a melt down on the floor because I took some small pieces away from her.
On our way out, Tay tried on Uncle Todd's boots.   They're OBSESSED with shoes currently.
Treyton had been playing with Lyvia or outside with Ty this whole time.  He was in heaven when he got to play with legos and dig in the sandbox with Ty.
The girls fell asleep on the way home and Treyton wanted his back rubbed before he went in to take a nap as well.  I may not have moved from this spot while they all napped.
Mya posted up in front of the window to bark at the geese on the pond. Grr!  She earned herself a spot in the garage during nap time.
Up from nap and ready for a snack.  She wanted a Clif bar and stayed super clean.
Taylor on the other hand wanted yogurt and was a disaster!  Treyton took a super long nap so we just hung out and waited for him to wake up.

It was fairly cold out but the girls kept standing at the door wanting to go outside, so we bundled up and went out to wait for Gavin to get home.  I'm fairly certain they would have stayed outside for the whole night if we would have let them.  I snuck in though to get steaks on the grill and mash potatoes started.
I scarfed down some food to head to the grand march to see this beauty and her date!  So fun to see all of the pretty dresses!
Still can't quite figure out how she is old enough to be at prom or how she's taller than me!
When I got home, the girls were in bed and Treyton and Gavin were heading that direction as well.

We're so super exciting and were in bed by 9:00 on a Saturday night.  I call that perfection!!

I hope you have a great Monday!  I will be back tomorrow with a full weekend recap.

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