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So if you're new around here, I have made it a goal for myself to make a "resolution" for each month instead of one for the whole year.

For January, my goal was titled "Junk-free January."
February was "Finance February" and you can read that HERE.
March was "Movement" and you can read that HERE.

I will be completely honest, March didn't go well in terms of my monthly goal.  Between vacation in LA and then the stomach flu plague that hit our house, I probably had the worst workout month in like three years.  I even took off a week after everyone was sick because I was so.dang.tired!
Soooooo.....I'm completely redoing that word and titling this month "Active April." 

I'm keeping my goal of 30 minutes of movement every day of the month.  This is way easier now that it is getting nicer out as my kids love to go for walks and play outside.  I'd love to get an actual workout in every day but as long as my watch registers 30 minutes of movement, I am going to count that as a win.
Gavin and I started Transform: 20 on Beachbody On Demand yesterday morning so I am really hoping that I like it and stick with it for the whole program.  It is only 20 minutes long each day which gives us a little time to do a couple of other things also.
Anyone else make a New Year's Resolution that you're still sticking to?  I've really liked having a monthly goal instead of one for the whole year as it has been much easier to keep going.

Have a great day!  Tomorrow's post is all about our MURDER MYSTERY party!!
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