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I can't believe that it is already May!  I'd love to say that we will be done with school this month but that just isn't the case. #grr

A new month, means a new goal!

If you're new around here, instead of making a New Year's Resolution, I have been making a new goal each month.  I have LOVED this to be honest!  The short term goals just seem much more attainable in this phase of my life, and I am able to set them for what I really need to work on at the time.

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January--Junk Free!

To be totally honest, March and April didn't go exactly as I wished they would have but I am SLOWLY learning that I have to give myself grace.  While I would love to workout 5-6 mornings a week, there are times when my kids need me at 4:30 in the morning and therefore it just doesn't happen.  In the moment, I would love to say that I just take in all of the snuggles, but that's not exactly reality.  I tend to be pretty grumpy about it!  Looking back, even mid morning, I know that holding them for that half an hour to an hour is exactly where I needed to be and those moments will pass all too quickly.

My goal for May is MORNINGS!!

May gets hard, friends!  The end of the school year is exhausting, along with it being nice out and my own kids playing outside past their bedtimes.  I don't like to miss out on that so I tend to leave all of the dishes and picking up until they're in bed.  Due to that, I tend to struggle to just pop out of bed like I normally do.  I know myself though, and I know that my day goes SOOO much better if I just get up and get things started!

So with my MORNING goal, I want to--
--Do 1 load of laundry EVERY morning (wash, dry, fold, and put away)
--Tidy up anything that didn't get done the night before
--Eat breakfast

While none of those things are very hard for me to do, when I fall behind, I often feel like I'm drowning by Thursday.  I'm hoping by setting this goal for myself that this month won't be quite as exhausting.
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