Happy 5th Anniversary To Us!

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5 years married!
11 years together!

I still remember our first come of times hanging out like they were yesterday. 

Probably because I was 18 and he was 24 and that made me just a tad bit nervous. :-)

I also remember not so patiently waiting to get engaged but those days seems so distant now.

5 years of shop living.
1 new house.
1 troublesome pond.
3 beautiful babies.
And a lifetime to go!

Thank you for always putting up with my wild ideas and being my best friend!  I love you to the moon and back, Gavin, and am excited for the next 60!

What's Up Wednesday!

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It's is time for another What's Up Wednesday and I am linking up with Shay from Mix and Match Mama!
 This week has been super crazy because I had my last week of golf league and then conferences at school late one night.  It has consisted of crockpot meals and leftovers.  I think Gavin made them some hotdogs in the microwave even last night when I wasn't home.  There is no tired like beginning-of-the-year-teacher tired, friends, so we are limping into the weekend.

Oh how I loved every minute of summer with my kids.  I loved letting them wake up late, our slow mornings, long walks, being outside all day, and catching a nap every now and again.  Don't get me wrong, I love my job and feel called to do it, but there is a piece of me that wishes I could stay home with my kids.

I have loved getting back in a routine and feeling super accomplished throughout the days.  Something about being back at work and still keeping our house afloat makes me feel like Superwoman some days.  There are those moments where I feel like I'm not sure how I'm going to do it all, but it always seems to get done and that's a good feeling.

We've continued to spend quite a bit of time at the river.  Treyton is working hard on learning to water ski and has skied with me several times, practices on land, and was brave enough to try it on his own a couple of times.  He was SO close to getting up!  I know he will get it next year for sure.

We also have been working hard on our yard and pond.  Gavin drained it at one point this summer to fix the beach and a leak we had found.  It is pretty much full again but we have spent countless hours raking moss out of it, pulling weeds, and fine tuning everything.

I also started back to school mid August so getting back into our school routine has been an adjustment for sure.  My 4:30 alarm clock, getting out the door on time, and then getting supper on the table before my kids turn into rabid animals seem to be my biggest hurdles!

Treyton starts preschool in a week and I am dreading those first few days.  I know, without a doubt, that he will love it once he gets into the swing of it, but he tends to be pretty shy and nervous about new things.  Daycare will be dropping him off so I'm praying that makes it a bit easier on him.

My school to do list doesn't seem to be getting any shorter and there are days that feel super overwhelming.  It will all get done but I feel like I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off most days.  Being daycare drop off and pick up doesn't allow me to sit down very often during the day!

As much as I am dreading those first couple of days of preschool, I am also soooo excited for Treyton.  He is ready for school.  I know he will love getting to be with some of his buddies, and he is just in a phase of soaking everything in.

To be honest, there is NOTHING on tv right now!  Gavin has been watching a lot of Two and a Half Men, which I can't stand, and I have been so tired that I've been watching a lot of the back of my eye lids as soon as I sit down.

I have been playing the Vitamin String Quartet Radio station on Pandora in my classroom and my kids have really enjoyed it.

All the flowy (I don't think thats a word!) dresses as it has been warm and my classroom isn't air conditioned. 

That's all for today!!!  Hope all is well!

Treyton is F O U R

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August 10, 2019!

Treyton turned F O U R! 

And I think he told everyone he came within yelling distance of!  He was just so super excited!

I know it is super cliche to say---but HOW? How is my baby 4?  I feel like the night I went into labor with him was yesterday and can remember just about every detail from the day that he was born.  
All 6lb 10oz of him!

But now he is asking how our septic system works, wants to walk to the shop by himself, would love to work for his dad, and is riding his bike completely on his own.  

He spent the day before his actual birthday having a party at daycare.  They once again knocked it out of the park and made all of his digger-loving-dreams come true.

We kept the adrenaline high going strong and had his family birthday party that night.  I'm not sure who slipped him a caffeine IV drip throughout the day, but holy cow!

When Jamison and Payton lived with us, they had a waffle maker that we used regularly, and since they moved out, Treyton frequently asked why we couldn't make waffles.  A waffle maker made for the perfect, and practical, 4th birthday present.  The present wouldn't be complete without a bag of chocolate chips! 

We started his birthday off strong with chocolate chip waffles!

And matching outfits with dad.  All of his dreams came true when Gavin asked him to help pour concrete ON HIS BIRTHDAY!  I mean, doesn't that sound like fun?

I got a picture later in the day of three generations of matching Steege men.

Food--Chocolate Chip waffles, meat...not potatoes or vegetables
Show--Paw Patrol
Clothing--Steege Construction shirts and work shorts
Activity--Playing in the sandbox and jumping in the river

Oh Treyton Lee!  We love you to the moon and back and are so proud of all of the new things you are learning.  We hope that you continue to be as inquisitive and persistent as you currently are, because while it currently drives us a bit crazy, we know it will take you far in life! 

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