Weekend Recap

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 Happy Tuesday, Friends!  I can't say that this is really going to be a "Top 10" as I didn't take a ton of pictures apparently. It was a rainy, snowy, windy weekend at the end of April which kept Gavin home from the farm.  It was a nice little break of solo parenting but I'm also ready for him to just get it all done!
While Trynlee is a fairly clean eater, Taylor is NOT!  She also has grown accustomed to feeding Mya anything that she doesn't want.  On this particular night, she just let Mya eat right off of her fork.  Taylor is soooo funny, guys!  I wish I could bottle up her cheesy little grins and laughs.

We ate up every second of the nice weather Friday night before the winter storm rolled in.  
The girls really like the sidewalk chalk.
We just hung out in the driveway and colored while Treyton played basketball with Jamison and Payton.  Gavin was supposed to be home early but ended up getting hung up at the farm for a while.
He's working hard on learning how to dribble!
They were filthy but oh so happy!  

It snowed/sleeted/rain ALL day on Saturday so we had a really low key day!  We started it off with pancakes and then didn't do much of anything!
The girls have learned how to get up on our fireplace, and this was the grin I got from Taylor after telling her to get down for the 800th time that morning.
Someone ALWAYS gets hurt in these wrestling matches but the girls won't ever back down from a good pig pile.
Treyton and I ran into town quick to get him some new tennis shoes that he could put on by himself.  He really wanted tie shoes for Christmas but he needed some he could easily get on and off.  We may or may not have came home with a pair of Crocs as well.  Gavin wasn't overly impressed to say the least.

Sunday was also really low key and while Gavin went to the farm, the rest of us may have taken a three hour nap.  It felt soooo good!

Mya spends most of her time outside now because she likes to swim in our pond and drag dead animals into our front yard to chew on.  But when she is inside, she loves to get all the snuggles she can.
I finally got all of the Easter stuff put away....other than the eggs.  All three of our kids have LOVED playin with them, and Trynlee is slightly obsessed.  She likes to just climb on in and throw them all out and then proceeds to put them all back in.

That's all I've got!  Have a great day, and I'll be back tomorrow for my goal for the month of MAY!  

Come On In--Taylor and Trynlee's Room

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When we designed our house, we knew that we would be trying for more children so planned for the nursery to be right across the hall from our room.  We also designed for it to transition well into an office when our kids are older.  I had it mapped out perfectly as to where I would put the crib and the matching dresser.

Fast forward to our first ultrasound in May of 2017 when our house was only a couple of months from being finished.  We were in that dark ultrasound room when the sonographer excitedly showed us our baby's heartbeat and then scanned over a bit and said, "And there are two!"  After struggling with infertility and a late miscarriage, Gavin and I were over the moon to be to this point and just as over the moon to be entrusted with two sweet babies.  Don't get me wrong, there were moments of panic at the thoughts of twin complications and two newborns, but mostly excitement.

That perfectly mapped out nursery just wasn't going to fit two cribs though so we had to do some rethinking!  And to be honest, we would rethink it and never really came up with anything that I loved.  Every plan always ended up with a crib or dresser in front of the window which I just wasn't thrilled with.  The room isn't very big and only has two walls without windows.  We originally had a bench seat planned to go in between the two closets and under the window but when the Amish delivered all of our cabinetry, they had forgot to make the bench seat.  I had mentioned several times that we shouldn't have done the bench seat and instead should have a dresser built for that space.  I promise I didn't call them and cancel the bench seat order, but after it didn't show up, I quickly met with them to make the dresser! :-)

Without further ado, COME ON IT to Taylor and Trynlee's room!
When they were itty bitty babies, Gavin would sit in the rocker in the middle of the night and I would sit on the ottoman to feed them.  We could do it with our eyes clothes by the time they were 6 months old.
I ordered their name signs from Etsy.  Click HERE for the exact link.  I actually ordered them as I was sitting in the NICU one day and the nursery sat as a collection space from when we moved.  
One of the cribs was Treyton's and then we just had the Amish make us a matching one.  They will eventually convert to full size beds.  The matching dresser that we had originally had with the crib is in Treyton's room.

Their sheets are from Carousel Designs.  I have two different light pink designed ones.  The ones in the pictures can be found HERE.  I had crib skirts from Pottery Barn when their mattresses were higher.
Their curtains match the crib skirts but I didn't see them on the website any longer.
And that's all there is!

Have a great Monday and a great start to your week!  Next up is a weekend recap...that my computer is still working on loading! #soannoying

Friday Favorites

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I'm linking up again today for another edition of Friday Favorites!!  Easter was by far a favorite but I've done my fair share of post those pictures so I've got a random selection of stuff for today's post!
I've been trying really hard to get back to clean eating this week!  It just blows my mind how great I feel when I do this!  Now if all of the Easter candy would vanish from my house, I'd be golden!  These are all from Kara Swanson at Life Well Lived and are SUPER simple and decently quick to make.
Lemon Asparagus Chicken
Shrimp Veggie Tacos
Bruschetta Chicken
I know there will be a day (too soon) that I don't enjoy their love for shoes, but for right now it is adorable and rather entertaining.  Every night, they pull out just about every pair of shoes in their drawer and try them all on.  Last night, Taylor had a snow boot and a sparkly Mary Jane shoe on...at one time.  
Gavin has been getting home late from the farm this week so hasn't been getting up to work out with me.  I came upstairs to this one morning and I just LOVE when our kids wake up a bit early for some snuggles.  Trynlee has been really attached to me lately so Gav enjoyed every minute of this.
The weather!  Plain and simple has been a favorite this week!  It hasn't been perfect by any means but we have been in dire need of some Vitamin D.  I might finally be able to put their snow pants away.   Just kidding!  We have snow in the forecast on Saturday!  #WHYYYYYYY
This steamer has changed my life and it has been a new morning FAVORITE!!  I hate ironing just about as much as I hate laundry so this has eased the pain a little bit.  If you don't have one, I highly recommend getting one.  It was only $22 on Amazon.  Click HERE for the link.
Getting Snapchats like this during the day are another FAVORITE!  I love that they get to go out and do things once in a while!

I don't think this is really a favorite but it did give me a good laugh.  Taylor is always throwing Mya food but she took it to a whole new level last night when she was feeding her straight from her fork...over and over.
Nothing says Spring like fresh cut flowers!

Have a fantastic FRIDAY and enjoy every minute of your weekend!  We have lots of rain in the forecast so Gavin might actually be home some which I am excited for.  

Easter--Part 3

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Part 3 and FINAL post about Easter!
I just had too many pictures to include because to be honest, some day when my kids ask my for a baby book, I am going to tell them to come righhhttt here! :-) I have SOME other dates and milestones written down, but I'd be lying if I got it all.

On Saturday, we hosted my family which is relatively small.  My kids are also the only littles so they get lots of love.  My cousin's kiddos are 9 and 11 so they were thrilled to get to hide eggs for my kids.  We grilled and had a bonfire.  It was perfection!
Taylor is loving the sand box.  I have a feeling we will be spending lots of hours out there this summer.
I made a scavenger hunt for Austin and Addison.  They each had 6 eggs that contained clues that were hidden around our yard.  I may or may not have sent Austin on a few long distance runs.  They each had a 1 pound Reeces waiting for them at the end.
Master egg hider!
Taylor can say, "Papa" and loves him to hold her.  I'm not sure who is more in heaven.
Tryn enjoyed carrying her Halloween bucket around. #momwasntprepared
Addi searching for her first clue!
My grandma joined us outside and even sat at the bonfire for several hours!  I just love that she still get to experience these things with us.
Trynlee is getting more used to the sand finally.
Austin found his grand prize buried in the sandbox.

Our kiddos woke up Easter morning to baskets left by the Easter bunny and eggs scattered around out house.
"Look what I found, Mom!"
She was so proud of herself when she would get one all on her own!
That darn bunny hid them all over the place!
Our kids don't really believe in sleeping in!
This was the only picture I really got of their Easter baskets. :(
After some breakfast, we all cleaned up and kind of made it to church on time.  We were actually on time but the Community Center and the Sanctuary were both full with lots of guests, so we ended up sitting in the commons.  Our church had it all set up for this so it was just as good.  Our kids didn't cry at Sunday School drop off, too terribly, so I will call that a big ol' win!
This is as good as it gets, folks!

After some decent naps, we hosted Gavin's parents and siblings Sunday night.  It was pretty low key and fairly early because we also tackled....FAMILY PICTURES...with 17 of us!  It went remarkably well actually.  Other than a certain 3 year old that chose to be difficult for parts of the pictures.  I am praying that we get at least 1 good one!
Tryn wore this adorable romper!  I wish I could get one in my size that looked that good.
Tay wore this cute denim dress.....and played in the sand.  This is me to a T!  I just am not a girly girl and am loving seeing this out of my own girls!
The night ended with lots of cousin time outside and lots of bribery to come in before dark!

Phew!  I think I'm finally done! Don't miss Friday Favorites tomorrow!

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